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    New from Pittsburgh!

    Thread Starter: Squilliam

    Hey everybody. I've been lurking for awhile now and finally decided to introduce myself. I've been looking at Mk IIs now for a few years and finally bit

    Last Post By: eightsixxmkII Yesterday, 10:16 PM Go to last post

    Bought a project MK2

    Thread Starter: Ugo

    Although I don't really need another project right now, I couldn't pass up this MK2 Supra. It was in a sea can along with boxes of parts and tires and

    Last Post By: gamble Today, 01:27 AM Go to last post

    Anyone ever "redesign" a sunroof?

    Thread Starter: mutantcolors

    Just picked up an 82. The sunroof doesn't open (switch doesn't work, that's all I know so far). I've seen quite a few sunroof threads, but haven't seen:

    Last Post By: Deanfun Yesterday, 06:19 PM Go to last post

    WHAT does NOT work in your Supra? I have multiple.

    Thread Starter: ddd228

    There are soooo many systems that are incorporated in our cars!
    I'll say about 30 systems that they come with,depending on the year

    Last Post By: auto_cran Today, 09:06 AM Go to last post

    Oem load index?

    Thread Starter: HoodRatRace

    So I'm looking for tires for my '85 Supra so I can move it to my house, currently it's staying at my cousin's house. I got the tire size for the rims

    Last Post By: ray85p Today, 07:30 AM Go to last post

    Fuel Injectors

    Thread Starter: gsagunner

    Alright so I have been doing some reading about injectors on the website, about people using the 210cc injectors from the 4age, and some 4g63's. This

    Last Post By: gsagunner 11-30-2016, 04:50 PM Go to last post

    New to the world of MKII

    Thread Starter: mutantcolors


    Long time Toy enthusiast (every car I have ever paid for since I was 16!) I have a 1989 Xtracab that's been my daily driver for over

    Last Post By: mutantcolors Yesterday, 05:54 PM Go to last post

    Camshaft Timing / Phasing

    Thread Starter: drjim

    Just curious if anybody has experimented with changing the cam timing and/or phasing on an otherwise stock 5M-GE.

    Way back in Ye Dayse

    Last Post By: SupraFiend 11-29-2016, 05:07 PM Go to last post
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