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    The syringe CAME in one of my brake parts boxes with the part. 50 cc's,maybe.
    It really is a fantastic way to effectively to bleed a master/clutch/slave cylinder!
    You are going to be (maybe) surprised at the difference in handling. NOT like your Corvette,Jim.

    Your NEW Supra has been lowered and with the stiffer spring RATES,will be almost a track car.
    Scary? Probably not. Mine was nasty with over steer,but my car is *WAY* different than yours is, now. I still run the stock springs!!!!!!! It's cruiser,totally.(DD)

    I added larger anti sway bars,but it's still at stock ride height and with skinny tires. WAY different cars,Jim.
    I hated the polyurethane bushing with the Whiteline's,so I went back to rubber end links.
    The road noise was insanely too much. It's a choice.

    Tail wagging will be gone with your choice of spring rates. "Planted" is a good term to use.

    Your cornering speed will depend on your balance of spring rates and sway bar settings. AND the throttle input,as usual.+ ride height.
    Lemme see the video, now.

    That video explains how difficult that the "step bore" master cylinder is SO difficult to bleed and I have been there. NASTY G.M . Design! I agree,it can be a nightmare.

    The syringe method has been great with excellent results for me. It purges the air out of the bench-bled unit VERY effectively: BACKWARDS.
    It's also important to bleed the system(Brakes) under full power booster pressure to eliminate air in the system. Trust me on this. Ray knows,now.

    Bench bleeding *does* save a lot of time,when you are bent over a clutch slave or clutch master cylinder,for 1/2 an hour,chasing bleeders.. (Do not overlook this step).
    Otherwise,you did it wrong.

    Ray and I have been through this messy ordeal and I must insist on doing it MY WAY , the easy way. Speed bleeders are great if you are doing it solo. In fact,I would rather bleed brakes and other hydraulic parts,solo. That way, EYE will control the game,not some else's big-ass foot.
    I prefer to use an adjustable hood rod, instead of a human foot.
    Trust me on this,I have used average-sized humans to bleed brakes,as an assistant. BAD idea.
    To control the situation,I want full control.

    "It's your fault!" No,it's mine ,for letting you 'help'.
    Ruin a $1,000 A.B.S. control unit? NO!
    Well,not in our cars,thankfully.

    Our Supra's brake systems are pretty simple.
    Power brakes that runs with a vacuum assist and a reasonably straightforward hydraulic system that works quite well. We are lucky that it is a DUEL master cylinder type.
    There is a proportioning valve that limits the rear pressure available to the rear disk brakes.
    THAT has been discussed and they do plug up and cannot be adjusted.

    We can try to be as helpful as possible.
    Every car/truck has different OEM settings,to protect the driver from miss haps. Usually, under steer
    is built into the system by using front anti-sway bars and NO rear bar.

    Well,a performance car can have both,as ours.
    The ideal idea is to have a balanced handling automobile with NO ass-wagging or surprising handling traits. Some cars try to kill you,from the factory.

    We can do better. Add some suspension mods to make it "better".
    Look at the Supra's that race on the tracks,(Lemons)against later model cars. We do pretty well!
    It's very cool that are cars are quite easy to modify to our driving style.

    Stock? OEM? As manufactured? Maybe. Not me.
    Make your car as best that you can,for YOU.

    OK,I'm tired of typing and I need another beer. 10-4.
    Thanks Jim, to prod me into this WALL of text,but I cannot possibly compete with Rays walls of text,ever.
    I may be over my limit of megabytes,already.
    Happy New Year,soon.

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    Dave in Seattle. I keep LATE hours.Hidden Content
    '84 type "L" ,Auto ,daily driver. Dk blue.

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    Yeah, I re-bled the brakes with the engine running before I left for SIV, and got more air out of them. I had no question on what you guys told me to do, and I'm glad I spent the extra hour or two bleeding them with engine running.The speed bleeders are a marvel, and I hope the person that came up with them made a metric ton of money!

    They brakes are ROCK SOLID now. Almost scary good. Good to the point I'm worried about getting rear-ended if I really stomp on them. Pedal feel is one thing, and I know that the tires play a big part in stopping prowess, but this thing will "stop on a dime and give you nine cents change"! The braided lines make a HUGE (or is that "YUGE" these days?) difference, and I strongly recommend anybody doing a full brake rebuild to just bite the bullet and BUY THEM. Your stock, OEM 30 year old hoses are probably toast, anyway. Mine were, and the rubber was peeling off the outside of them showing yellowed fabric underneath. I'd forgotten how much difference the braided hoses made since I had them on both my Corvettes and my Trans Am, and was stunned at the "before and after" difference they made 30 some years ago. They cost a LOT more back then, and you had to find a place that could make them. Plus, we now have them with a coating over them so you don't have to worry about the exposed stainless steel braid acting like a saw and chewing through stuff. I've seen it happen!

    Yep, our cars are two completely different animals. Built for different purposes. I don't know if I'd want to use mine for a DD, although I could if I had to. The cornering limits are higher than what I've been used to for a long time, so I'll have to spend more time learning them, and approach things gradually. Maybe I'll look into doing some autocrossing, although that's generally at lower speeds than you could do on the roads.

    When it was all stock, I took my wife out for a ride one night, and took it through one of the nicest on-ramps around here. I was going well over the posted limit, and had the car in a very gentle drift, and was really enjoying it when I noticed she was turning white-to-green, and about to rip the armrest off the door.

    If she would have been with me yesterday she would have had to change her undies when we got home.....

    Oh, well....I have to run into to Torrance and check my mai, and the drive way is open right now.....


    1985 5-speed "Ms. Swan"

    OH, What A Feeling!

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