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    New to the world of MKII


    Long time Toy enthusiast (every car I have ever paid for since I was 16!) I have a 1989 Xtracab that's been my daily driver for over 12 years, and thought it was time to add to the family.
    Now the process of bringing my 1982 Supra back to my standards begins! Once she's road ready I'll dig into the truck. They've both been hard at work for a while and are deserving of some TLC.

    It's a 5 speed P type with a 3.73. I've read that's super common, and I've read that's super rare. ????
    I could tell it was the 3.73 when I hit 50 in second gear without redlining on the test drive hahaha.
    The F303 gear code confirmed what I believed.

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    82 5spds aren't exactly super rare, but they are the only mk2 that came with the 3.72 diff. Getting rarer by the day, thats for sure.

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Hey thanks.
    I guess that post was slightly vague, I was only talking about the rarity of the gear ratio, not the transmission. We'll see what comes of it, I can't honestly say I have much use for anything 100mph and above. I do a lot of mountain highway driving, I think a 4.10 would suit my style a lot better, but if the diff turns out to be healthy it'll stay where it is.

    The diff may not be very healthy, as it turns out. There's something heinous going on with the rear end, not certain what it is yet.

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    A little sleuthing into pic uploads led to me cracking open the dusty old imgur account.

    The previous owner did a couple silly things like the old heat-the-springs lowrider trick and there's more than zero sparkly gold paint under the hood...

    Oh...I'm not cool enough to post pictures yet, so you'll just have to imagine along.

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    If the differential is screaming @ 50-60 MPH,it's pinions bearings have worn out.
    I'm on my 3rd diff in my '84. 4.10 LSD.
    If it gives of a loud rumble,other bearings are at fault.
    Be SURE that the diff is at fault B-4 you swap it out.
    The carrier and the outer hub bearings do wear out.
    3.72? I wouldn't get out of 3rd gear.
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    I swear it was on this forum that, just last night, I read a thread which EXACTLY described my issue. It turned out the guy had some work done and the driveshaft was reinstalled "upside down", I use quotes since a round thing has no up side, but the balance was all jacked and it made the car drive like hell. I told my friend it drives like an egg rolls, real lumpy and elliptical feeling. It calms down at speed but takeoff is NOT good.

    So I'm hoping a couple bolts and half a turn will solve it right up. The clutch engages weird too, it's nigh impossible to do it smoothly, it wants to slam into gear. Been driving stick for my entire life so it's not like I can't figure it out on that level.

    I got her up to speed a few times and it ran smooth as could be (engine-wise at least). Cranked on the throttle under the hood and it spun up like a dream. Just something about the rear...

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    The center bearing can be installed "upside down" IIRC....
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    OH, What A Feeling!

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    Fingers crossed for the quick and easy solution. I bought it on the strength of the engine and body but I was able to knock $800 off over the possibility of a dying differential, so that'd make me extra happy.

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    The Motley Crew.
    I see I'm allowed to post pics now

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    Quote Originally Posted by mutantcolors View Post
    The clutch engages weird too, it's nigh impossible to do it smoothly, it wants to slam into gear. Been driving stick for my entire life so it's not like I can't figure it out on that level.
    Sounds like you may have an unsprung clutch

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