Oem load index?

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Thread: Oem load index?

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    Oem load index?

    So I'm looking for tires for my '85 Supra so I can move it to my house, currently it's staying at my cousin's house. I got the tire size for the rims it has on now but failed to look at the load index *facepalm* and since the car is far from me I have no way of checking the placard. I tried googling but didn't find a definitive answer.
    The tires im looking at have a load index of 86 would these work?

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    Is it a P-Type or an L-Type?

    If you got the 225/60-14 for the P-Type, then whatever you bought should be fine.

    Not sure about the tires for an L-Type, but I suspect just about anything you bought in the correct size should be plenty good.

    How far do you have to drive it to get it home?
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    I wanna say it's a p-type, but I'm unsure tho. my cousin put 15" rims on it. He said the sizes are 205/50r15 for the front and 225/50r15 for the back. I found matching tires but the fronts are 86 load index and the back are 91

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    I'm towing it home not driving it since it'd be like 100 miles DX

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    Let's see pictures !
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    It's not letting me upload pictures, it says an error occurred ;-; is it because I'm on my mobile?

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    Here's a link to an Instagram post I made haha https://instagram.com/p/BNNDQRWgizF/

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    The OEM L-type tires were 205/60R15 89H. However, yours is a P-type which had a wider wheel and fatter tire, 225/60 HR14, hence the fender flares. You will not find a Load Index for the P-type tire on the placard, I assume because there were no tires of that size and speed rating that fell below the minimum load index.

    However, looking at your picture, those aftermarket wheels appear to be a VERY wrong offset for your Supra. I would recommend not investing too much into choosing tires to fit them. To tow it home 100miles, just get a matched size pair of inexpensive used tires in 205/60R15. Disconnect the driveshaft at the differential, air up the existing fronts and pull it on a dolly. Then search for a set of OEM 7JJ x 14 P-type wheels or more appropriately sized aftermarket wheels. OR unless you need to move it right away, just go ahead and purchase whatever tire and wheel package you want to finally go with BEFORE you tow the car.
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    Really? They're whatever my cousin put on it years ago. I'd rather go with 16" or 17" since it's way easier to find tires for those rim sizes

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    I'm going to say that any decent tire that will fit on those wheels will be OK!
    They will NOT be inexpensive.
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