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    "I found the problem and I fixed it!"
    That is a win!
    I'll give one you an "ATTA BOY" for that.

    Blunder of the week? We have had those,but won't admit it.
    I keep some of really foolish one to my self,but other one's I'll admit to help others NOT to make the mistake that I just made.

    I tried to fix it and I BROKE it,happens.

    The really bad thing that happens is that you get injured. Fingers don't grow back.Neither to eye balls.Hair usually does.
    Work safe and smart.
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    If something doesn't work and you try to fix it, the worst possible outcome is that you'll insure that it'll never work ever again. OK, minor or major injuries up to and including death aren't good either. But I'm willing to admit that turning something into scrap can occasionally be the desired outcome too, if you know what I mean.... However, a reasonable approach using at least some logic and digging into what the problem might be (here for example), can and usually does lead to a positive outcome. And the more it does, the more likely it will! And even if it doesn't, you probably will learn some useful things that will help you the next time or on something else. Getting lucky is good too!
    Learning what not to do is very important as well. Maybe more important than anything else. You'd want to stand on a box and kick you own ass if anyone pointed out that something you managed to destroy could have easily been fixed if only you hadn't done xxx. But if you don't really have any other choice than to try and fix something that's already broken, you really don't have much to lose. And as you've found out, a lot to gain. Good job!

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