Problems with installing motor from 88 cressida

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    Problems with installing motor from 88 cressida

    I am currently in the process of swapping out my 5mge in my 85 with a motor from a 88 cressida. So far everything has been going pretty smoothly but ive been putting off some questions about wiring. Would like to figure this out before i drop the motor in. In the first picture you can see that there is a fairly large amount of wires cut from the harness, however all the wires that run into the ecu are there, are the rest possibly a seperate emissions computer or something? (88 motor had a egr delete). Also the ecu im going to be using is for an auto, what wire do i short to make it think its in neutral? In the second picture i have what appears to be the AFM plug but its run into the motor harness, i have that same plug running from a body harness in my shell right now, so whats that all about? And the third picture here i have no idea what its for, cant find anything like it, unless im missing something? Ive tried searching a lot so please dont tell me to search more, im out of options here guys, unless i swap out the entire IM and EFI system too, but id rather not if i dont have to.

    Just kidding, the website wont let me post pictures (after spending half an hour setting up photobucket) because i havent posted enough stuff on here (sorry im usually in the garage not online) but any help you guys could give me would be greatly appreciated.

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    Just a few more posts.
    I can't see what you see,yet.
    There may be some connectors that go to the A/C and the washer bottle and O2,Alt,heater controls,etc on the passenger side of the engine.The AFM plug should be the same.
    Will an A/T ECU run a stick shift car with NO mods? Good question.

    This for an '86.
    I wouldn't cut any more wires,just de-pin that one wire.
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    Without pictures we're a bit lost here. But I can tell you a few things. Yes, the auto ECU will work fine with a manual. What's different is actually the subharness from the fuse box area down to the starter and back up light switch. You should just reuse the one from the 85. But why bother with all of this crap? Your job would be way easier if you just swapped in the long block from the Cressida and kept your current intake, etc. That way you wouldn't have to deal with any of this nonsense. I would not recommend trying to swap your engine harness onto the Cressida motor unless you buy a complete set of injector connector pigtails and two more as well. They would be for the two sensors on the thermostat housing that also have Bosch connectors. Those are the ECU temp sensor and the Thermo Time Switch which controls the Cold Start Injector. One of these has exactly the same connector as the injectors, just a different color. The other is similar except it's keyed differently as well as being a different color too. You might get these off without them crumbling in your hand but it's not very likely.
    Do yourself a favor and think a little differently just which way really is easier and it's not how you're attempting to do it now.

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    Second Ray's opinion. Swap the longblock only, keep the 85 TB, ECU, ect.
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