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    Simply terrible. Sorry to see this at any time of the year, let alone near Christmas.
    Dean L.
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    wow....pains to look at that.

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    That sucks my condolences on the loss My advice get it towed at least to a storage unit ASAP. Someone will call it get it towed to impound. Once it there you're going to get screwed over or loss the car. When I had my accident on my Corolla. It cost me like $650 for the tow and overnight stowage.

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    I am so sorry for your loss. Get it stored and then take time to figure out what you want to do. Take your time in this

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    Wow! I hate to see that. After all that much work and so many years. I've known other people who've experienced the loss of a classic car in a fire, in every other case, taking the garage and all the contents including other cars with it. I worry about mine too. Old cars, old wiring, old house. I guess we take our chances in this hobby.
    Phil D.
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    My gosh, that is sickening. Looks like stupid vandalism, senseless. So sorry to see. Your car has so much history on this forum.

    Don L.

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    There is nothing in the front passenger corner to cause it to burn like that. Maybe the alt wire shorting to the body from the original 5m, but there shouldn't be anything to fuel the fire to burn that hot in that corner, the aluminum afm housing has melted. that takes a hell of a lot of heat! I strongly suspect vandalism. I hope some asshole in the community didnt do this because they dont like cars parked in the street or something. Im so sorry for your loss. If the interior is ok, I would try to fix it.
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    That was an amazing machine full of your blood, sweat and tears... I feel your pain
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    can not imagine how you feel.. sorry for the loss of your beautiful car.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moorman View Post
    Yep, looked like they tried to pry the hood open with their axe, from the front, then the side, then smashed the drivers window to pop the hood. I was proud of my electrical research and doing it the right way, no idea how this could happen, but also haven't had time to really examine.
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