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    This is terrible news. Sorry for the loss of the car. I remember it from many moons ago, and it was truly inspiring.

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    I added the full stash of photos taken yesterday to the album link. Got the car into my parents garage to facilitate parting out. ..no, I didn't have good insurance.

    The wind that night was crossing from driver to passenger side and slightly from the rear, let's say 15-30 degrees aft to front. The hill had the car tipped a decent amount with the front passenger corner the lowest point. Maybe just the right angle to let water into...something?

    My best guess is that it started at the fuse block, even though I see no signs of arcing. The battery is badly melted, but my fuse between battery and alternator is intact and the plastic cover isn't even melted so the heat is up high only. Upper rad hose is ashy on one side with bottom half intact but fell to ground supporting the idea of heat from the top mostly trapped by hood. Fresh air could feed upwards from the beneath and favor fueling the front passenger side due to wind direction, with a good potential cycle of heat escaping up and out through front grill. The lower rad hose is scorched on top but otherwise intact. All of the front bumper melted. Major passenger side heat source could be from the ruptured power steering lower hose as that's where we see the melted aluminum. I'd expect vandalism to show signs of scorched pavement and a heat source starting from below rather than from above.

    Still feels too surreal to really process.
    -Jason Moorman
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    Those pictures are just sad to look at, what a terrible time of year to have to go through this too.

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    I'm SOOOO bummed about this, Jason.....

    That was one of the nicest, best executed MKII's I'd ever seen. Looking at those pictures is just soul rending....

    If there's one thing that we could all learn is maybe it's a good idea to get a battery disconnect switch and use it......
    1985 5-speed "Ms. Swan"

    OH, What A Feeling!

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    Very sorry to see this.
    You say they tried to pry open the hood. I would check with the fire dept. and get the facts. They have breaker bars, I assume to do this, then they can spray retardant into the engine bay. Who smashed the window to get to the hood latch? If the fire dept., how did they get to the safety latch if on fire? Vandals may have broke the glass, opened the hood this way, started the fire, then closed the hood. It's one theory unless the fire dept. did, indeed open the hood while hot.
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    Unbelievable Jason...I'm at loss for words. I've seen this car AND driven in it, this isn't only a loss for you but it's a loss for the whole community. If three is anything we as a community can do please let us know!!

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    CelicaSupra.com Member
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    I dont know what to say really except that I'm so sorry about your car.
    if i can help in anyway please let me know.
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    WOW. My condolences..
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    Terrible, sorry for your loss.

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    I suspect the fire department smashed the glass first to try and pop the hood, then resorted to the axe so they could put it out properly.

    Consider fixing it at least. There certainly will be some melted HVAC stuff under the dash near the firewall, but a repair with just paint and body and bolt on parts could certainly be done. There's so much good car left there, it would be a shame to part it. Hey, if you've ever considered a 2jz upgrade, now would be the perfect time.

    I used a 7mgte from a mk3 that had a similar engine fire once. Not sure what started it in that case either, seemed to originate around the charcoal canister however. But I'm pretty sure the heat of the fire killed the piston rings. I was shocked to find after swapping that bottom end into another car that it had no compression in most cylinders. Tore it down and every single piston ring, including the oil control ones, had snapped. Everything else internally was fine though, including the cylinder head.

    You are going to get some kind of insurance coverage on this aren't you?
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