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    Hi I'm Fred, thanks for letting me join.
    I own a 1980 Toyota Celica and i want to learn as much as i can and share what i can as well.

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    Hi Fred. Should be a little info for you on this board, but we focus on the Celica Supra models here, mostly on the mk2 generation too. Lots of shared parts with the mk1 Supra for sure, but and might have more info specific to your car. It appears is gone, a couple google searches reveal a couple other celica forums out there too but it appears Facebook has been decimating the classic celica boards as well. Anyways, hope you hang around!
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    Yeah,this is quite a model-specific forum,but I'm happy that you found us!!!!!
    You are getting close to the forum that you need.
    Gee,you even were able to post a photo and that blows me away.
    You have a "keeper" and please pay attention to your car,Fred.
    Thanks for chiming in!
    The Toyota community is growing at a moderate rate and I'm glad to see a 1980 Celica to be in such good condition! No,really.
    Congratulations are in order,here.
    Thanks for the post.

    ~Any~ Toyota posts are always welcomed here,but we may not be able to offer the information that you are seeking as far as your specific model. 22RE engine,maybe.
    You rock!
    Dave in Seattle. I keep LATE hours.Hidden Content
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