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    Fine work you are doing here

    Found some more verification the guts work in F code diffs. This option is looking really nice for my situation.

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    I seem to have located both an affordable 4.11 Altezza and 4.10 Mark 2 diff. Choices

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    I came across a real nice Toyota 86/Scion FR-S diff (actually they're like a dime a dozen on ebay) and I CANNOT find a lick of info on the internals. A couple guys successfully popped them into Lexus IS300 that came with 8" rings, but nothing and I mean nothing indicating that the internals are the same. Just the housing. The 2JZ is way more brutal than the little guy they throw in the FR-S so I am using that as a clue.

    I am optimistically pessimistic on this one

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    Bought my desired 4.10 LSD.

    I'm still intrigued about the FR-S diff tough...

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    I have a BRZ I wouldn't waste your time with that diff, the torsen diffs suck IMO. The IS300 diff is a bolt in upgrade for the twins. You're way over thinking this your options are a stock rebuild, a slightly better Weir rebuild, low end aftermarket like truetrac, and then the higher end diffs like OSG, TRD, Kaaz etc.

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    I'm thinking for the future and for the others

    One day it'll be so hard to find/not worth it to keep changing out OEM diff's we'll have to come up with something. This goes along with engine swaps and upgrades. I don't think anyone would be angry to learn a current production part would sneak right in to a MK2.

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