Help in finding & choosing a driveshaft center support bearing!

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    Help in finding & choosing a driveshaft center support bearing!

    Shop says the center support bearing for the driveshaft on my '86 P-Type is shot, so I'm looking for a new one. First thought is to check Rockauto.

    Under 86 Supra 2.8 - there's nothing - same under 85 Celica-Supra
    But if I look under 86 Celica 2.8 I see some: DEA/MARMON RIDE CONTROL A6001, NATIONAL HB7 .

    And the same if look under 85 Celica 2.8 - I see the 2 above as well as: PIONEER 648588, BECK/ARNLEY 1013784, TIMKEN HB7

    So couple questions:
    1) Are these the right ones for car?
    2) If they are, any recommendations on which one to get? Prices range from $22 for the DEA/MARMON RIDE CONTROL A6001 all the way up to $79 for the NATIONAL HB7.

    Some info on my car: 86 P-Type, 5-speed, 127,600 miles. All stock.

    Any suggestions or advice is welcome!!


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    No advice on which part to get, but I did read that some folks have found certain parts places have deleted the subgroup Supra from their tagging, but the parts remain available under Celica.

    Call the place.

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    Under the HB-7 Timken,I got this:
    CAUTION! This can be installed backwards!!!!!!!
    Read all of this first:
    You will be fine.
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