Wanted: RHD Passenger side mirror

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    Wanted: RHD Passenger side mirror

    Hey guys,

    I rather stupidly managed to catch Dragon's wing mirror on the garage door frame and completely shattered the glass. I've had to replace the glass before, and got a local glass company to cut me a piece of mirror, but the viewing angle was completely wrong and headlights behind me became dazzling, so I don't want to have to do that again if I can help it.

    Trouble with anyone from the US replying is, LHD cars probably have the mirrors reversed and wouldn't work with a RHD car. I think I need a convex left-hand mirror. If anyone knows where I can get one of these from, I will happily buy as many as I can get my hands on

    Rob - 100% British
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    I think you should peruse thru yahoo auctions Japan. Option 2 can you buy large generic car mirrors there for like trucks like you can here? Buy one of those and salvage the glass and have it cut down to size.

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