Do i need brake booster?

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    Do i need brake booster?

    I know this is a stupid question. but can i temporarily bypass the brake booster? as many of you know i am doing the 5.0 swap and im having issues running the vaccums lines to the booster as it is a carb engine... i have pretty strong legs and stopping on a dime isnt my biggest concern. i have to get to school and work and i could really use the help. it will all be sorted out at a later time but i need to get going and get some test runs soon with the supra on the street as im down to just a few things left. I do plan on keeping the brake booster in the car where it is but just no vacuum lines... thanks guys for all youve helped me with! keep the flaming to a minimum...

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    I didn't realize you were running a carb. But the same still goes is that you should just need a hose from the carb vacuum port to the booster. Otherwise, cap the brake booster nipple and make sure your e brake is in working order just in case. You'll probably have to cap the vacuum port on the carb for it to idle correctly anyways unless it's already capped or plugged. Is there a pipe plug in one of the holes on the carb? If so, take it out and add you hose nipple to that.

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    Yes,you can ignore the vacuum hose to the booster,but it be difficult to stop!
    TWO feet on the pedal and be sure that the parking brake works well,B-4 going over 30 MPH.
    Your intake manifold should have a PCV port at the base of the carburetor. You could "T" off of that hose.
    You need some double wall hose,BTY.
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    I would think there is a vacuum port in the manifold that will accept a 3/8" hose or larger. there is a one way check valve that need to be put in the hose also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Supraaakat! View Post
    i have pretty strong legs and stopping on a dime isnt my biggest concern....
    Unless that dime is in somebody's pocket. You're going to have vacuum in your intake manifold whether you're fuel injected or carbureted. Hell, my old flat-head V-8 Ford pickup has vacuum-operated windshield wipers.
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