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    Dave in Wis - I had heard Mr Pohl was merging the front end of MKII with a Celica GT convertible. Was it actually accomplished and did you see it?

    As far as getting out of the game - can't really answer - but I don't think us old timers can ever close that door.

    Dave in Sea - definitely, only advertising on this site. Our members are the best.
    (I hear ya on the fog. As originally stated, I want buyer of the car to get first dibs.
    And if car doesn't sell, I will keep the parts.)

    I think I priced fair considering what's out there.
    I guess my attitude is if someone is willing to make the investment at listed price, I'll sell.
    If not, I will hang onto it and continue to experience the exhilaration of taking it out for a run.
    I'm sure the negotiation game is expected and I respect those who have made offers.
    But I think most of us owners understand the emotional value we put on our MKIIs.
    Best to all.
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    85 P-type W58, 124K original miles, 8B4, leather
    83 P-type W58, 77K original miles - SOLD

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    Quote Originally Posted by 83blupra View Post
    Dave in Wis - I had heard Mr Pohl was merging the front end of MKII with a Celica GT convertible. Was it actually accomplished and did you see it?
    Yes and yes. He had a professional do the cutting and welding and it looked good. The wiring was the most frustrating part - the cars may look similar but the Celica body wiring harnesses and interior wiring harness and dash wiring harness and engine wiring harness are all different than the harnesses for the Celica Supra. Surprise!

    Dave Harrison

    current lineup and year acquired:

    '85 white Mark2 7mgte 5sp 1990
    '85 white Mark2 7mgte Auto 2009
    '84 maroon Mark2 6mge 5sp 2013
    '86 red Mark2 7mgte 5sp 2016
    '85 black Mark2 6m Frankenmotor 5sp 2017

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    Guess you have the magic touch; touch mine please?!

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    I'd like to come take a look at her.

    I live in shakopee, haven't had a P-Type since I was in the army, unfortunately I had a kiddo on the way and ended up selling it. Managed to track it down last year, its sitting in a junk yard (well about half of it is!)

    Anyways, if you got time this weekend I'd love to take a look at it!

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    Hello 83Blupra, I sent you a PM as I would be interested in the car. I live in Rogers, MN.

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