Raptor Racing 2017 Moving Sale - Every Product in Stock On Sale

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    Raptor Racing 2017 Moving Sale - Every Product in Stock On Sale

    Hey guys;

    we are moving shortly and don't want to bother moving all our stock, details can be seen here:


    A few things to note though: for a lot of the MK2/MK3 items in stock it won't be viable to have them shipped back to the US since that's where they came from. I can't itemize every item that's worthwhile for US customers, just trying to say that Canadians will get a better deal on sale items than Americans. For example...I won't be able to offer $1 discount for KYB parts or T3 parts to US guys, the shipping costs alone would nullify the discounts.

    Some of the items that I will be able to offer some discounts on to US customers:

    • Any product that is a Raptor Racing Product, especially cats as I have a lot of them
    • Raptor Racing Clutch Kits (only have a couple left in stock)
    • King Bearings - Need to get rid of these so My Cost + Shipping is what I'm offering

    PLEASE PLEASE read the link i've shared above, you must be on the Canadian Site to see the current stock and if you check out an item that has 0 stock there will be no discounts.

    You MUST email me, PM's will not be answer as I just don't have the time these days to keep track of that.

    Thanks all!!

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    Sent you like 2 E mails already George. I will drive down with my pick up truck hahaha

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    Email sent

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    email sent

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    dont leave us

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    Hey guys....thanks for all who purchased but in terms of Supra stuff the moving sale is over. I'll still be around and will update here and on facebook if there are any new parts developments.

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