Rebuild with a modification plan for an 86

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    Rebuild with a modification plan for an 86

    My brother and I well took on a awesome project. A lot of work to come and well really need sound advice and guidance on bringing this Gal back from the dead. I'm the finances and research he has the free time to do the work. The goal is a daily driver that can have some fun occasionally. Since we began it has became a much different approach..and well my research brought me here so maybe we can get the best out of this build. Replacing every piece in the long haul. So I'm looking for best options for parts and if our ideas are not the best some guidance to lead us in the best directions. Thanks from the C.A.W.B.s of North Carolina. I'm Mykie the youngen at 26 My brother goes by Blaze and holds 35 well. We work on our project in Monroe NC at his house and I'm from Salisbury. I work for Powerhouse recycling and our goal there is less than 1% electronic waste in landfills. I use my funds for the projects and he handles most of the work since he has the time. This project is going to end as my daily. Then we are going to start his if he can make his mind up on what he wants by then haha.

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    The only hard-won advice I can offer is to decide what you want to do with the car before you start.

    - Jim
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    OH, What A Feeling!

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    Welcome Mykie,

    Glad to see another rescuer in NC. I'm in Asheville, did my weapons training in Monroe a couple years ago when I was in private protective services. There are a ton of Supra guys here in NC. Did you visit us at the Autofair in Charlotte a couple weekends ago? The Supras are there twice a year! Anticipating some pictures from you soon! There is a wealth of knowledge and experience on this forum.


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