So here's my thoughts. I'd like to replace...well everything from top to bottom and bumper to bumper. This poor Gal has been through the ringer. She has been neglected for a pretty long time. I purchased her yesterday when I saw such a beautiful machine being malnourished. This build is gonna take patience due to my funds being stretched thin with life issues. I'd like to simply get her on the road for now with minimal expenses until I can get everything planned, ordered and ready to make the full conversion. At the time I really need to replace the entire rear end..from lugs to lugs. I believe that will allow her back on the road well enough to help me earn the money to actually build. So I'm looking for a good rear end struts springs control arms rear diff and shocks that's not going to financially cripple me right now. I'm sitting on $2k and would rather not spend it all but I will. Gonna do a full tune up to if I can with that so starting this coming week I can begin putting the funds aside for the final build and body restore. Thanks guys and gals. I'll discuss the final build soon I'm putting the final touches to it on the drafting table as I can.