ROH Snyper Cleaning / Polishing...

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    Question ROH Snyper Cleaning / Polishing...

    I have a set of ROH group buy wheels and they need cleaned badly. I scrubbed them, pressure washed them, and now want to polish them a bit. I started with Mothers aluminum mag wheel polish and a power cone but there was not a gray/black buildup from working the material. The wheel, when that spot was wiped down looked better than when started; however, is it OK to polish the face front of the wheel like this?
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    I'm not familiar with the ROH wheels, but it sounds like they may be a clear anodized finish. I dealt with it in restoring Corvette sill plates that were badly scratched up. I started by trying to sand the scratches out and polish them but the surface was too hard. In desperation, I researched and found they were clear anodized and to use oven cleaner to first remove the anodizing. After that, they polished up easily. If the ROH wheels are clear anodized, there's not much that can be done to salvage the anodized surface beyond just cleaning it. You can google for instructions on cleaning clear anodized aluminum. Hopefully they aren't so bad you need to remove the anodizing.
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    aluminum wheel acid does the trick

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    Most aluminum wheels are powder coated clear. Some mostly non cast aftermarket wheels (or early stock Mk2 wheels...) are just polished aluminum.

    You can strip the powder coat with paint stripper and polish, but you will have to polish very frequently to keep them looking the same. Aluminum oxidized pretty quickly in the weather. You treat powder coat the same as paint although once its gone its pretty much gone.

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    my wheels are bare polished stock since 8 years. Yes it's a garage queen and almost only see washing water.
    It only need a yearly hand polish (about 90 minutes all 4), and I'm happy with their mirror finish.
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    Sounds like you used too much polish to me if it didnt turn black. Takes a tiny amount. They are probably cleared. most likely paint from the pricing.
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