lowering front suspension and keeping the same ride quality

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    lowering front suspension and keeping the same ride quality

    ok so I have a question that I cant seem to find the answer to by searching. My mk2 is used for leisure driving and want to keep the ride quality as close to stock as possible. I feel that the front suspension could be lowered about 1" or less just for a better look. is there anyway to lower it in the front without sacrificing ride quality? I will be installing new gabriel struts as well but just looking for a lower look at the same time.

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    There's not too many options now unfortunately that I've found.. I've been wanting to swap out the front suspension on my car too but still want to keep it lowered. Techno toy tuning has coilovers that you buy already assembled and you can buy the front and back separately.
    I was considering going this route since its readily available and id still get to keep my stock spindles and stuff for a later time or if i wanna go back to stock. Tho their coilovers are only adjustable from the spring, but then you can adjust the dampening of the shock from the cartridge.
    I found lowering springs off a website but I've never heard of them or seen anyone say anything here so I didn't try it

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    Check with George @ Raptor Racing, A SITE SPONSOR! Without checking for current availability, I'm sure George offers something to lower your front end a bit. If not, check the parts for sale section. From time to time, something will become available there.

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