87 cressy intermittent high idle

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    87 cressy intermittent high idle

    Ok guys, I'm having a weird issue with my Cressy... It's kind of intermittent. So I took my car out for the first time since I got it back together. Got to work just fine, no issues... Started it while at work and it was idling at 2500rpm. Changed the ISCV, no change. Unplugged TPS, no change. Then reseated the battery cables after one popped loose. Idle went back to normal. Couple minutes later idle lowered to around 450rpm. Did this exact same series of events on the way / after I got home this evening as well... Again, reseated battery cable after it popped loose again, and idle lowered to 450rpm-ish... Kinda acted like it wanted to die idling that low. I'm thinking maybe the ECU since the problem changed after power loss... other than that, any ideas???

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    Get a solid battery connection and then start troubleshooting. Fluctuating voltage will cause all sorts of weirdness.

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