The hatch floor cut out DOES work.
It makes it a one person ordeal.

Sure, the pump comes out easily,but putting the assembly back is horrible!
Tip #1:
Remove the plate that houses the vent tube so you can see what's up down there.
Tip #2:
Don't be afraid to bent that vent tube assembly for removal from the hatch floor.
Tip #3:
Use LONG nose pliers to disconnect the bastard spring clamps from the lines.
Tip #4:
When you can see inside of the tank with the vent tube assembly removed,the fuel pump assembly MUST end up inboard of the inner baffle!(See pix)
Tip #5:
You may have to modify the lower rubber boot that holds the pump motor to the bracket assembly. (Pix)
Tip #6:
Use a bit of anti-seize on the mounting screws AND the pressure fitting pressure line.(14 and 19 mm LINE wrenches,or Snap On flank drive open ends.) I used an adjustable clamp to evenly twist the wrenches as to NOT fubar the hard line from the tank!
Tip #7:
Use a good quality pump such as this one:
It comes with a garbage fuel sock strainer,don't use it.
Tip #8:
IF you cut the sheet metal out of the hatch floor,try your best to reinforce the metal as best that you can. I used sheet metal screws and pop rivets. And as long as I was in there,I applied down some insulating material. Dyna Mat is expensive,but there are alternatives. The trunk/hatch area is where a lot of exhaust noise comes from.
The 2 door kit is not enough to do the hatch area,as you will see.
Tip #8:
Use a TON of Brake Clean to clean the area around the fuel pump mount and the hoses that attach to the vent lines and the return line.
Tip #8:
Pull the EFI relay and crank the engine for a few seconds to relieve the residual pressure in the fuel system AND pull the fuel door lever and loosen the gas cap B-4 you begin.(Should be #1)
Tip # 9:
B-4 you button it back up,check for fuel leaks.
Tip #10:
Paint the cut areas IF you cut the hatch floor to reduce rust issues.
These cannot be in order of importance,it's just what I have learned.

Cutting the hatch floor DOES work. Thanks Rev Happy.
PIX are out of order,here.