ribid chimp turbo kit

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    ribid chimp turbo kit

    Is any one running a rabid chimp turbo kit? How much boost/ power can you get out of a 5mge with this kit? thanks matt.

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    The power of 7777777777777oooooooooooooo twinkies. Boost and power depends on tuning, engine age\preparation for turbocharging, Air Fuel\Ratio. from what I've heard the mid 200s. But why don't you ask Aaron himself on his section here on the forums or pm him. He'll give you an honest answer. Also try the search man-Large Larry
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    mark made 271rwhp with that rabid chimp at like 11 psi or was it 13psi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldschool85
    mark made 271rwhp with that rabid chimp at like 11 psi or was it 13psi.

    Though he did do 271 rwhp, it wasn't "technically" with my kit. He did use a lot the same components, my IC piping kit, oil lines, turbo inlet and air filter setup, and cartech rising rate fuel pressure regulator. He was also running 295cc injectors, and a stock 7mgte down pipe, and turbo elbow. My kit has a 3" dp, which replaces the turbo elbow. You have two options with the turbo kit, one, which is the basic setup, uses a rising rate fuel pressure regulator. The other has an additional injector controller, with two extra injectors. Your car, if tuned properly, should do around 220 rwhp with either setup....to start with.
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    Yea, what he said.

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    ...though that ~220rwhp figure is not the limit of his kit. There are always changes to be made for that next step in power. With a rising-rate regulated fuel-augmented system, fuel pressure is the only limit to your enrichment. Fuel pump upgrade will allow a higher total pressure, another option is slightly larger injectors 10-20%and adjust static pressure to meet stock flow and allowing a lower fuel:boost pressure ratio and thusly a higher "ceiling" of pressure and output, allowed boost, and resultant power.

    ...and all around the time where the headgasket pops because you ran a stock gasket at 9psi at stock compression with no boost-dependant timing retard.

    1 million variables and counting, but the chimp's kit is DEFINATELY a starting block!


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