[CLOSED] Header Panel Group Buy

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    [CLOSED] Header Panel Group Buy

    as seen in this thread:

    Youve all read the details, please post here with the quantity you want, and what material you would prefer, between 11 gauge steel or aluminum.
    11 Gauge is approximately 3 mm thick or 1/8th inch.
    I can go thinner, but for simplicitys sake, please PM with special requests.

    for aluminum the cost is going to be $31
    (got the quote, price revised.)
    for steel the cost is going to be $25.

    prices in Us dollars.

    for payment, i can do money orders or cheques, and now paypal.
    cash is also cool if your local, but i would recommend against sending it through the mail.

    please add your full REAL name AND screenname to any forms of payment, with your shipping address
    i know with a buy like this, its going to be chaotic, and id like it to go as smoothly as possible.

    my address is
    Barry Linkiewich
    11614 - 70 street
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    T5B 1T5

    my paypal account is: blinkiewich@hotmail.com

    shipping...thank you Ken, i meant to mention that.
    I can ship to Regional members, if people wish to band together, otherwise, i am going to experiment a little to find the cheapest, strongest method, got a couple ideas already.
    i think it would be similar to a 82-84 sunshade, but not as bulky.

    ive got shipping quotes from canada post, which means usps for you yanks.

    for one piece to:
    Washington state is $11
    Massachusetts is $11
    California is $12
    Colorado is $12
    New Jersey is $13.50
    New York is $13.50
    Texas is $13.50
    Tennessee is $13.50
    Illinois is $13.50
    Wisconsin is $13.50
    North Carolina is $13.50
    Pennsylvania is $13.50
    Florida is $14
    Oklahoma is $14

    for you british columbia guys, its between $8.50 and $10.
    other locations, please PM me and i will get a custom shipping quote for you.

    I will tally a list of who wants how many, and the fun begins.

    Funkycheeze 1 (possible 2) Alu
    elhsupra 1 Alu PAID FULLY
    _HOT_M16 1 Alu PAID FULLY
    MKII_Mike 1 Alu
    Andrew 1 Alu
    Supra C 2 Alu PAID FULLY
    BuddyJ 1 Alu PAID FULLY
    Dangerous Ken 4 (2 of each)
    TRD_83_SupraDrifter 1 Alu PAID FULLY
    teng 1 Alu PAID FULLY
    SupraFiend 1 Alu PAID FULLY
    KesekiSupra 1 Alu PAID FULLY
    SupraWes 1 Alu PAID FULLY
    Supraluva 1 Alu
    ksourounis 1 Alu PAID FULLY
    82phoenix 1 Alu PAID FULLY
    canadian_psyko 1 Alu PAID FULLY
    walkerhiboost 1 Alu (possibly 2)
    pdupler 2 Alu
    jdk_ii 2 Alu PAID FULLY
    MAD_83supra 1 Alu PAID FULLY
    SupraDude117 2 Alu PAID FULLY
    jefe_not 2 Alu PAID FULLY
    Junkie 3 Alu PAID FULLY, Ship to Supradude117 as per request.
    Ryan 1 Alu PAID, shipping to follow. will ship to SupraDude117 as per request.
    shiva 1 Alu PAID FULLY
    85mk2 1 Alu PAID FULLY
    Muchbzy 1 Alu PAID FULLY
    mkii_turbo 1 Alu part PAID, shipping to follow.
    karaki 2 Alu
    Solo1Supra 3 Alu (1 for suprabob) PAID FULLY
    turbogoo1 1 Alu
    CanuckDave 1 Alu PAID FULLY
    dannyg 1 Alu 1 Steel PAID FULLY
    Dean 3 Alu PAID FULLY
    CJSREDPRA 1 Alu PAID FULLY ship to Supradude117
    Thundercleese 1 Alu PAID FULLY
    suprluvr 1 Alu
    jugalo 1 Alu PAID FULLY
    supra_toy 1 Alu PAID FULLY
    Mark'sMKII 1 Alu PAID FULLY
    Robert B. Sawvel 2 Alu PAID FULLY
    SilverMk2 1 Alu PAID FULLY
    rwago 2 Alu PAID FULLY
    Supraluva 1 Alu
    Negative Boost 1 Alu PAID FULLY
    stevrock 1 Alu PAID FULLY
    mwebber 1 steel PAID FULLY
    dimwitrj 1 Alu PAID FULLY
    batmobile 1 Alu PAID FULLY
    villerat 1 Alu
    mkII85supra 1 Alu PAID FULLY
    daves7mgte 1 Alu PAID FULLY
    MrTechNIC 1 Alu PAID FULLY
    WilliamB 2 Alu PAID FULLY
    azn86mkii 1 Steel PAID FULLY
    mkii_supra_freak 1 Alu PAID FULLY

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    CelicaSupra.com Member Funkycheeze's Avatar
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    Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    aluminum, one perhaps two (boss might want one)
    '84 P-type, 5spd, torrid red, black/grey leather
    Built 7MGTE (JE's, ARP studs, MHG), BOSS STG4 60mm, AEM standalone, R154, 2 1/2" IC and 3" turbo back - the works
    Coilovers, ROH wheels, 4 corner BBK, Konis, ADDCO bars, PST bushings etc. etc.

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    CelicaSupra.com Member
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    May 2003
    San Antonio, TX
    1 aluminum, thanks!
    Eric H.
    82 UZA61L Blupra
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    CelicaSupra.com Member BillyM's Avatar
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    Mar 2003
    Charlotte, NC
    If $30, I'll take two aluminum's.
    If $35, I'll take two steel's.

    White 85P - Blue/Silver 85P
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    Junior Member
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    Hamilton Sq, NJ
    aluminum, Thanks!

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    CelicaSupra.com Member Andrew's Avatar
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    Mar 2003
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    1 aluminum for me please.
    - '85 p-type
    - '05 Mazda3 GS Sport

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    CelicaSupra.com Member
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    Apr 2003
    Rosedale , NY
    I'm In for two in aluminum.


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    CelicaSupra.com Member BuddyJ's Avatar
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    Jun 2004
    Western Oklahoma
    I'm in for one aluminum

    85 Supra P 6M-GE

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    CelicaSupra.com Member Dangerous Ken's Avatar
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    Feb 2004
    Probably a couple of each metal.
    I'm curious on how these will be packed / shipped.
    Like shipping just one so the corners don't get crushed or the flatness compromised.
    Might be beneficial to stack and tightly tape like 6 together and ship to 'regional cs member drop off points'.


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    CelicaSupra.com Member TRD 83 SUPRA XX's Avatar
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    Fontana Cali.
    Ill take one aluminum Please and Thank you.

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