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    Here, read this on info for your W57 vs. the W58:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Junaid K View Post
    If my diff ratio is 3.73, is the common ratio not 4.3? If what I read is correct, does this mean that I will not have to change the diff, as the 3.73 is long enough for the 7MGTE & therefore the correct diff to use?
    The normal diff ratios wouldn't apply to the cars outside of the US. In Canada, it is pretty much the same but almost every car had a LSD(other changes in options too). All of the F code diffs that are in the MA60's should have roughly the same level of strength. However the 3.73 would be a little better geared to the extra power the 7M makes.
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    Thanks....much appreciated. At least I know that I need not change my gearbox & my diff ratio suites the application of my 7MGTE conversion. I actually have, including the one in my car, two Supra diffs. I guess then that I can assume they are both 3.73.

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    an F293 would indicate which axle ratio?
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    4.10 2 pinion LSD

    Quote Originally Posted by mk2-1jz View Post
    an F293 would indicate which axle ratio?
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    Well, mine apparently came with a 7.5" 4.30 2 pinion LSD, but I have no idea what's in it now. All the links in the OP are dead though so I can't figure out all the other codes. I do have the same model code as in the op though so there is that.

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    Yea The Data Plate Decipher Link Is Dead, When I Click On It It Just Says Not Found.
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    You can always jack the rear wheels off the ground, and turn the drivehaft by hand while counting the number of driveshaft rotations vs the number of rear wheel rotations.

    Mark the shaft and tire with chalk so you can keep a count of the number of turns you make.

    If the driveshaft turns less than 4 times for one rotation of the wheel, you've probably got a 3.73.

    If the driveshaft turns more than 4 times for one revolution of the wheel, you've probably got the 4.30 gears.

    Been doing this since the 1960's, and while it won't give you the exact ratio, it sure gets you in the ball park when there's only a few ratios available!

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