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    +10 for a sexy car, na, fast, and a sick sounding car props
    Project cars are like ladies, sometimes they make you smile and love life,
    while other times they kick you in the crotch and make you cry.

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    i just looked through roughly the last 12 pages and wow! Great job man.....
    -Jonathan 1985 black MKII 7mgte 299rwhp/321tq 9lbs 13.548@108.38
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    I almost have no words, Steve, great job. Your car was awesome and now it's even more so. Can't wait until I get to see it again in person. Keep up the good work and making the rest of us look bad. lol
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    Wow great video! car sounds and goes badass! Nice man!! I wish I was back in Ontario to see it in person!
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    That is it, I am scrapping my MkIII and putting the 7M in my MkII. I have been hemming and hawing over it for months. After reading this thread, the question has been solved. The 7M is going in the MkII and the MkIII will either be sold or parted out. Yours is way too sweet!!! Great job on the swap!!
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    So before someone lights you up like neon under a honda civic,do some research
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    Bringing this thread back from the dead to close it off as a reference. This engine has now been severely damaged and will be removed from the car this fall. Although I stayed on top of maintenance I was always very hard on the engine.

    After 25 laps of at a Toronto Motorsports Park lapping event, the 7MGE developed some nasty rod-knock and needed to be towed home. Although I was always diligent about oil level, and ran motorsports events with +1Qt, I believe I pushed the engine temp too high, for too many laps and overheated the oil.

    It's been a good run, and overall this project exceeded my expectations for reliability and fun on such a small budget. It was an important piece of the puzzle that allowed the car to run above mid-pack at most autocrosses, right up there with miatas and s2000s, and get the car to run a 14.85 in the 1/4 mile.

    In total it was in the car for 9 years and traveled 69,000km, and sliding the car through 10 lapping days and 20 autocrosses. The stock headgasket, and head bolts held up fine. The engine did burn oil later in it's life at wide open throttle. It would not be unreasonable to burn nearly 3/4 of a litre of oil during a lapping event later in it's life - I believe this could be contributed to ring wear and would fall in line with the slower 15.1s 1/4 mile times it could manage in recent years.

    If I were to do it again, and drive it as aggressively as I did, I would recommend the following:
    - Install only OEM Toyota engine oil seals from the start. All the Ebay-grade seals needed to be replaced within the first year
    - Install a thermostatically controlled oil cooler
    - Consider additional oiling modifications (pump shims, crossover tube, oil pan baffling)
    - Maybe a gentler, more traditional break-in
    - buy a good quality fan controller (www.dccontrol.com) right from the start

    I'll be starting another project soon that I surely will post once I have made some progress. As a final send-off, I leave this thread with some raw autocross standings and a video from another event. RIP 7M-GE!


    Best finish, proud to be among the newer cars with still less power than most

    Black 7M-GE 84 P-type Hardtop
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    Well done!

    "She Died Doing What She Loved".......

    - Jim
    1985 5-speed "Ms. Swan"

    OH, What A Feeling!

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    So what are you building next?

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