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    In case it has not been mentioned (haven't read through the entire thread). When using the starion hubs the dust cap that works well is the Dorman 13975.

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    Quote Originally Posted by badmotherFr View Post
    will the stock hub adapter that comes on an accord work? they are 5 lug hub adapters that bolt to 4 lug hubs. Bolt pattern is the same, dont know about inside diameter
    Seems like this would be the simplest solution. Re-use one of the original holes with a longer stud and add 4 new ones. Then use 5x114.3mm wheels with +25mm offset.

    Although a hub-centric design with centering-ring would be better.

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    How many mm are they?

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    Are those "stock" Honda Accord 4 to 5 lug adapters really stock, or are they aftermarket adapters? I've searched the internet for oem accord adapters and read through threads on honda forums, searched through junkyards and I still haven't found this "stock" adapter. It seems the Accords either came with 4 or 5 lugs, and if you wanted to convert you needed to swap out the entire hub assembly and trailing arms, not just remove an adapter. This makes me believe that there is NO stock hub adapter for those cars, only aftermarket ones, correct?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Road Ripper View Post
    Are those "stock" Honda Accord 4 to 5 lug adapters really stock, or are they aftermarket adapters? I've searched the internet for oem accord adapters and read through threads on honda forums, searched through junkyards and I still haven't found this "stock" adapter.
    Not sure if this would work:

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    So I finally got my hands on ms123 rears and Starion fronts. Anyone know how much the Starion front hubs change track width?

    I'm already using z32 calipers and rotors up front so I have a small track width increase from that (~6mm iirc)
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    Close to zero on my car. Mostly just the thickness of the rotor you use.

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    The Starion hubs take exactly the same bearings and seals as our OEM hubs. To me, that makes them essentially equivalent to OEM in that respect, but not necessarily the same as the Z32 stuff. As SilverMk2 stated above, basically the increase in track is due to changing to a rotor over hub setup and will depend on the thickness of the rotor hat you're using although the particular hubs can also be a factor.
    I'm using the Starion hubs with MPV rotors and Q45 calipers along with the MS123 stub axles in the rear. To center the calipers over the rotors, I chose to have 0.070 removed from the inner hat surfaces and not shim the calipers. IIRC the track increase with this setup is approximately 8mm per side. So this might add a couple of silly millimeters per side compared to your current setup. But these are mass produced parts and some variation between even identical parts is possible.
    I don't know all the specifics of every setup. But if you'll be using the same rotors, you may have to adjust your caliper mounting some for the Starion hubs. You might also be able to machine a little off the outer face of the Starion hubs instead.
    I also swapped to Celica struts and steering arms which besides giving me quicker steering (which I love), essentially negates the increase in front track allowing me to use the same wheels all around.
    One other nice thing is that both the MS123 stub axles and Starion hubs are 67.1mm so the same hub centric rings fit all around.
    I did have 20mm thick hub centric spacers made for the rear but the particular tires I'm using don't allow them without some inner fender and flare massaging.
    There might be some additional useful information and details in my post regarding all of this in the 5 lug thread if you're interested.

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