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    It's hard to tell with pictures, but it looks like if you put a bolt through the Mk3 tie-down the angled portion of the tie-down would lie flat on the sheet metal. The problem would be that the tie-down would sit about 3/8" too high to touch the battery.

    But, what if you raised the battery instead?

    Would a rubber mat cut to fit under the battery bring the top of the battery up so that it snugs up against the tie down?

    It's possible that the angle of the tie-down in this picture isn't the same angle of the sheet-metal that it mates to, but in this picture it looks pretty close.
    Just interested in seeing if one could avoid having to cut or modify the tie-down at all.
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    Good thinking! It also may be possible to bend the sheet metal were the front mount goes.
    Then, the jack up method may be a solution.
    Thread a long bolt into the mounting hole and use a socket and a long extension to bend it more horizontal.
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