Wiring an electric fuel pump to a carbureted car with oil pressure cut switch

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    Wiring an electric fuel pump to a carbureted car with oil pressure cut switch

    My Dad is working on installing an edelbrock low volume electric fuel pump on his 1970 Charger.

    We've been looking at the diagrams together and we are not sure how to wire this properly.

    Down below are the diagrams I'm talking about. Does anyone here know how to make me a master diagram with the pump, the oil pressure switch (cuts fuel when engine goes under 5 psi oil pressure) with a relay to the pump? He has power being sent to the pump via a relay with a main power lead from the battery connected to a switch on the dash. I dont really know if this was the best way, but we havnt even started the car yet to see if it would have worked. My dad said he would prefer to get some more info on the best way to wire this because neither of us are liking the dash switch at the moment.

    Can anyone help us out?

    Payoff is pics when we take it out for the first time

    thanks to all who can help us out!
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    dang am I glad that my 1978 honda DD (carbureted) was already wired for electric pump from the factory so that when I installed my new one, it was just the positive and negative lol.

    Good Luck!!
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    Wow... that's how they want you to do it? Looks easy but it's different then the ways I've done it in the past. So what are you confused about? It looks pretty straight forward in the wiring diagram. NO == keyed ignition on (positive coil lead), N == Switched starter circuit (switched lead to starter) , C == To fuel pump. You don't need any relay with this set-up as it is all built in. Not to mention it seems to be just a little pump (7.5amp fuse).

    Just connect everything to the terminals described above. and you won't need any auxiliary switch just a key.

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