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    twisted 1uz

    i know this is not a celica supra, but it is very very close , it is a ta63 carina 4 door. this model came out with a 3tgte w55 and a f series lsd. I have had this dream of building a v8 carina for years, and i started saving and buying little bits here and there for a few years until . . . the beginning of the this year. now i have finally started my conversion .

    i have been coming here for information and for inspiration as allot of you guys have done such good jobs and allot of the ideas will work on my car too seeing as it has the same floor. i will be doing the rear coil over suspension at a later date , thank you all for you debating as its helped me make up my mind on that one : )

    I am all the way over in new Zealand , we drive on the other side of the road here so some shit will look funny to you guys .( booster is on the right etc hahaha)

    any way check it out , this is my build up to last week

    Have got my mounts tacked in place
    I am using 8mm plate and will be hitting them with the welder once i test fit the motor, want to make sure its sitting in the right place before i demo it with the welder and make it imposable to get off .

    so the best part about my work is that we have a little sand blaster : )

    so did this today, looking good, hopefully they will do the trick , they cleaned up like new , am assembling the brakes and front shocks etc. all the kind of stuff i can take to work and do in down time.

    only a few days for the paint to dry now hahahhaha

    Cross member finished and light paint to stop rust until i can get it coated

    And brakes almost done just looking into coil overs before i paint the shock tubes to finish of the front suspension/struts. Just a bit of a before and after pic to show how awesome the sand blaster is for cleaning up brakes. Oh and for all the Toyota people out there i found out today that the front wheel bearing are the same as trojan trailer bearing . so they are dirt cheap the seals cost more than the bearing.

    So needed a bench and heaps of stuff for building stuff. I.e. bench grinder cut off saw, vice, drill press, sheet metal folder
    Long story short have made a sheet metal folder, and sold and bought allot of stuff to pay for the list of things i needed.

    These are the coil overs so far . Hope to be making some nrca's soon to help out the lower arm once installed. Pictures speak for themselves i think
    Paint them next and fit the new brakes. Then install.

    will finish the fit up and put up pictures also .

    i hate waiting for paint to dry. . . so i put the brakes togeather.
    hope to put the lot togeather tomorow . feels like its taken for ever to get to this stage

    so been awhile , some maggot of a person stole my phone and then my awesome Toyota corolla daily driver wagon got hit so have had allot of my time wasted making police reports and fighting with insurance over the phone etc. so havenít been able to do a update cause i didnít have my phone to take the pictures with , finally got a new phone so can do a bit of a update

    anyway. . . borrowed a good mates wheels to check what kind of dish i can look into getting , and also so i could set up the adjustableís to see how low they go .

    9 on the back lots of room for more offset these are 15

    8 and a half on the front , 15 offset too

    i also got some camber plates but they arenít going to work with how i have set up the top hats , will look into that a bit later . and the nrca's are being made tomorrow so should have a trial one to fit for the weekend .

    so i needed to start welding up something cause i was getting restless and needed to play with some molten steel . . . this took me all of a hour.

    will start or the rest of the rust later on in the week

    so been ages since i made an up date, had a bit of time off work with a injury so couldnít work on the car for a week which sucks cause when your home and there is heaps to do but you cant do it it drives you nuts.

    had to get my shocks shortened a little to help keep the springs captive and get the ride height correct, this means i had to take out the 20mm spacer and re cut the tubes . didnít take long to rework the tubes . and it was worth doing it , very happy with the outcome .

    this is set at 70mm chassis to the ground , will go another 30mm lower (aprox havenít wound it down as i need to roll the guards ) . max height measures out to be 120mm chassis to ground, havenít wound it up max yet so this is just a rough measurement .
    so when i get my wheels they should lift it up a bit so should all work out sweet.

    also started some of the rust repairs
    this is what i cut out of the front pillar only needs a little patch it had only just broken through the top layer which is good because it means that the sill isnít fu*#ed also the water channels and the lower section of the quarter panels are all sweeeeeeet. The boot has the most of the rust, around the tail lights and boot latch, bugger all in the windscreen which is good, this must have been looked after very well : )

    rust repair

    there isnít much more rust to do , bit unsure about what to do on the front wind screen as its full of pitting but not sure if bad enough to warrant cutting out and patching / or if itís a job for rust kill and some magical sealant type repair.

    fuel line next issuse to sort out, then on to wiring .

    havenít got much done lately, pulled the car apart even more removed whole driveline and started to do piping . as below

    ended up damaging the hard-line later on and had to remove it, no way was i going to go through that crap bending it all up again . so went out and got braded hose . Was a total bastard. Anyway . . .

    Am going to fit the new pump in old cradle , tank is very well baffled from factory. Should work out nice and simple setup

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    EXCELLENT! Subscribed. Need more before pics
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    Nice build. Digging those vintage decals on the doors =)

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    It may not be a Celica-Supra but I'll still look at it, looks like an awesome build! After a recent trip to the drag strip I'm a huge fan of packing big motors in small cars. Good luck with it!
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    nice keep up the good work!
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    hey guys, yeah i got this video me and the boys made on the first weekend of working on the car, hit it hard got it striped , engine box dash and all wiring whole front end striped in 2 days , made with a camera set to take pictures every 30 seconds decided to do the whole build like this but turned out very hard to edit and even harder to make work as would have needed about 5 cameras to make it all worth the effort so after making this video i scraped the idea and just started taking pictures.

    Rolled in as a normal car that was on the road and was very drivable.

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    You deserve a nice car with all that tlc put into it....

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    am i the only one that noticed whats sitting on the engine there?

    very nice work on the panels, gonna be a nice looking car when you're done

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    i see a supercharger too!!!
    nice project. gonna be a fun ride when completed.
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    Is that the clutch kit from eBay? with the housing and all... how you like it? does it feel ok.

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