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    So its been a year again. and well shit I ain't achieved much at all . not really sure where to start. 2016 was a absolutely miserable year for me , I've had allot of ups and downs, and well all I can say is ; I am fucking glad to see the ass end of 2016 !!
    So with my typical fashion I haven't finished anything that I was doing ; completely but I have done heaps of random shit in no apparent order . . .

    so 2017 and I have to find a new place to live, I'm now a single man, and I have got to get this beast moving under its own power!!

    sump stuff , was good fun to weld up. tig welding is the bees tits !


    but its ok cause I made the flange area to small , I was going to mill the weld off where the head of the screw would sit, but seeing as I completely made an entire fuck up of the whole thing it doesn't matter any more .

    so here I am starting again, I learnt allot about welding stainless on the other sump, so this time I am bolting it down to a massive bit of steel. should help to stop it from warping so much , and I gave the weld more clearance to the screws .

    with the sump on its way again I looked into the high pressure power steering hoses. This was always going to be a battle, and it didn't prove me wrong at all, I started out with 3 meters of 10mm of 8mm id heavy wall pipe,I broke 2 hand benders, stuffed up 1 fairing tool ; and with allot of mucking around to get them to this stage, I scrapped allot of pipe and spent allot of time to create these, and once again I haven't finished anything, all that is needed now is to weld on the an fittings, make a clamp block to clamp them to the cross member, and buy the braided ptfe high pressure hose and that is the last of the plumbing done!

    all of this just because there is no room to get braided hose with an fittings to clear the exhaust/rack/clutch hose/cross member/sump. its all very tight , but this was the best solution something that has taken me a long time to figure out, trial and error . but I'm stoked that its going to work and I can keep power steering. never really liked manual racks to be honest.

    all that other shit aside, this is the cream of my year, and whilst it doesn't look like much at this stage this has been a huge driving force for me. and I cant wait to get some more operations done on these !!!!

    and this is my model that I drew up from pictures of the internet hahah, I like work equips 01 , and I really like star sharks , then I came across these, I cant remember what they are called but I nabbed a few pictures and went to work modeling them up. and now finally I'm making chips , just got to dig the rest of the wheel out of all that stock : )

    and that's me all caught up. merry fuckers new years !

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    That wheel look crazy cool. Did you see the new 4 spokes Work is coming out with? No 16's so i can't run em over big brakes though...

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    Wow, milling your own wheel centers, hard core dude!
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