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    I'm seriously considering one. I'm really interested in a CF hood.

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    count me in for 1. it will be really cool to have 1

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    I am not interested in one but if I was thinking about getting one, I would in on this. Don is a great member of this forum, his work is second to none, he's a picky guy, and is a trusted person for many years. If you are on the fence, don't be and get in on it if you really want one because if it's gong to happen he will make it happen.
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    I too would be interested and if there any way I can help you know how to reach me. I have been constantly looking to get this done on my end too, but it's a monumental task if you don't want to risk a lot of money. I've lost many many MANY hundreds trying to re-make body size and rocker moldings and know that finding the right vendor is not an easy task.

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    since the one in japan was 700 and shipping was a bitch. im pretty sure u have no problem with me buying one.
    will it have the underhood frame part as well. not just a flimsy hood with no frame work underneth..
    good quality please. and u have me in for sure. if its by december for the last big car show. ill give u a hug
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    its 4:20

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    CelicaSupra.com Member Funkycheeze's Avatar
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    I'd be in - I've had some issues with my CFX hood and would perfer one without the scoop. Would perfer a fibreglass hood, since it will be painted but will go with CF if required for the GB.
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    I'm highly interested. Whether I have cash would depend on timing though.
    I would also be interested in FG, though I'm betting that would complicated things to consider.

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    CelicaSupra.com Member 85toyosupra's Avatar
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    hands up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol i would love to

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    Yes. Gimme. Gimme. Do want.
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    CelicaSupra.com Member Don L.'s Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by JSpur5 View Post
    I would be interested but I would definitely have to see the initial product. I worked in the aircraft industry for 15 years making different assemblies out of kevlar, fiberglass, FRP, carbon fiber, graphite and other composite materials.

    I understand the amount of work involved and that price is literally a steal for a piece that size. My concern would be the process for the making of the hood. Is it going to be using molds with a vacuum or press? or just a straight layup with no sort of compression? Also, how many plies would be used in the process?

    Sorry for all the questions, but if I'm gonna make an investment, I want to make sure we would all receive a quality product.

    Thanks for the interest and any parts that come available for the Supra are GREATLY appreciated.

    Hey Everyone, the response is much appreciated, and as noted I realize interest doesn't always translate to deposits, but hey... that's ok too. I'm glad
    there seems to be good interest.

    I want to keep things as open and informative as possible. Politicians may call this "transparancy" , I would call it being honest.

    As for the question of production technique with a vacuum or press : the material is handlaid (hope that means something to those knowledgable).

    How many plies: 5oz

    There should be bracing under the hood, but I will verify.

    Yes, definitely a stock front latch and stock hinge mounting. Hood pins would be recommended to be added but up to the owner (I would probably add a
    hood pin latch on each side of the stock center latch).

    Hood will be CF only, I guess if you want to paint it, that should be possible with proper prep. Fiberglass will not be an option.

    I asked about optional hood vents and scoops. This would delay production by several months, and push costs closer to $1k. My hearing stopped once I heard the price. So the CF hood would be stock OEM style. Of course, buyer is free to cut holes, retrofit hood scoops, vent inserts, whatever, after taking possession of hood.

    Asking for deposits prior to having an actual hood to display is just not my style, and I understand everyone's cautionary position. Still in discussion with
    the shop and if I can work out the financials, I will front the start up costs, and hope that I can recoup the costs as the orders come in.

    I would seriously push for the final pricing to be in the $450-$500 range, and shipping seems to be around $150-$170. Shipping costs should be available
    prior to deposit commitment. Pictures of the hood, info on the manuf, all would be available before I ask for deposits.

    Hopefully most questions (other than that of quality) are answered. I will say that this company seems to have a good track record, and my communications with their representative have been very cordial/professional.

    Don L.

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