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    Quote Originally Posted by SupraFiend View Post
    Your problem is google photos doesn't allow direct image linking. Might want to maintain your photobucket account.
    I have Imgur AND Photobucket. Photobucket works on Edge and Imgur works on Opera and Microsoft Edge. I have Google as a back up browser as well. Monster hard drive with lots of space.
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    Hey guys, little update. I had was at my dads shop a couple days during the winter break and was messing a bit with the car. Took some metal left over from my first year design project, (same stuff I used for the upper guage pod thing) and finally got around to making a little guage panel to hold those floating guages in my coil tray area.

    The whole setup now looks like this,

    You might notice some yellow around the edges, its the 3M glue I used (rubber to metal), ill probably pull it out again and paint the metal part black later. There's also holes for an extra gauge, I have a voltmeter kicking around somewhere, aswell as a couple more switches for whatever I decide to switch up later on.

    After that, I finally hooked up the oil pressure guage's vacuum line to my oil T, that was a massive pain since I had put the little adapter on the vacuum line waaaay back. Every time id try threading it in, it would unthread itself out, and i had to lay down in the most awkward way with only one hand that eventually got wet with oil and made it 10x harder...

    Very frustrating process mostly because I'm a dumbass, eventually removed one of the IC pipes which made life alot easier, but then puting the pipe back in became a pain in the ass too. Anyways, thought I was making my life easier in august by putting the adapter on and having it ready for when i finally installed it. I wasn't.

    Good news, I have/had oil pressure this whole time,

    This picture is interesting,

    If one looked carefully, you may notice my air filter is black. No, I did not swap the old red one out for a black one. After driving it for a while, I noticed the air filter going more and more black, as well as oil around the trumpet of the BOV and when i opened the IC pipe, oil inside there. Pop the filter off and,

    That explains it. You can kinda see how the charge piping coupling below is a bit wet too.

    I did buy the turbo used, so I don't know if I blew the seals or they were already blown, hoping to get it rebuilt this year. I don't really know anything about turbos but it didnt seem to have radial shaft play, I dont remember checking for axial. Hopefully it can be fixed and it isn't toast.

    Side note: Had this car back again for the winter,

    Slid into a sidewalk and bent the control arm, when I was replacing it I noticed this sticker,

    Finding little things like that is always kinda cool.

    Ever since I switched back to factory ignition, the car hates life, dies on idle and revs but doesnt want to. It idles fine for the first 30ish seconds, I think until the O2 sensor kicks in. It's tripping me out because I've triple checked all the ignition setting so they should be good, and the only thing i've changed was the ignition system since when it was running good. Plans for this year probably mostly involve dealing with the oily turbo situation, the rich afrs, the ignition and lots of cleaning up the mess i made in the rush of getting it to work last year. Also planning on buying a cheap 2 guage pod to replace the sheet aluminum I one I made last year, it was cool but its sharp and double sided taped to the dashboard, probably not super safe. Have a few different ideas for whats wrong with everything else but wont have anytime to experiment for a while. I wish I had more time to work on this thing, I miss highschool <-- thats a sad face, I'm not sure why its a happy face. (apologies for bad grammar, procrastinating studying for a final that was deferred till sunday bcuz snow so im in a rush but i also dont want to study)
    - Manvir Brar

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    Sucking a lot of oil can upset the A/F ratio.

    It's good to see you post again. Happy New Year!

    - Jim
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    OH, What A Feeling!

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    Richness and poor mileage could be related to fuel-pressure. With warmed up engine:

    1. Measure intake-manifold vacuum
    2. Measure vacuum at FPR, use a vacuum-T so you can have everything plugged in
    3. Measure fuel-pressure in rail with vacuum hose connected.
    4. Measure fuel-pressure in rail with vacuum hose disconnected

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