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Frequently Asked Questions


For FAQ and very informative threads. OEM availability, discontinued parts etc.
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Tech Talk

Celica Supra Build Up / Restoration

Have an ongoing project? Post it here!
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General Tech Q&A

A place to ask any other types of Tech Questions. Includes electrical system issues.
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Engine / Intake / Exhaust

Q&A forum for engine repairs/modifications.
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Aftermarket Engine Management / Electronics

Standalone/piggyback computers, MAF conversion, ignition discussion.
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Q&A forum for drivetrain (transmission, shifter, diff etc.) questions.
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Brakes & Suspension

Q&A forum for brakes & suspension (shocks, sway bars, etc.) questions.
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Wheels and Tires

Talk about your wheel/tire setups here.
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Interior/ICE Forum

Talk about your interior and 'In Car Entertainment' (ICE)
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Restoration Talk

Talk about rust, body work, paint, metal, fabric etc.
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Mk1 Specific Discussion -1979-1981

This is for anything Mk1 related.
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Engine Swaps

5MGTE/6MGTE/7MGTE - turbo forum

Place to discuss M series turbo upgrades & engine swaps
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1JZ/2JZ - GE & GTE swaps

Place to discuss J series n/a & turbo upgrades and engine swaps
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1UZ-FE/other V8

Discuss the 1UZ or 'other' V8 engine swaps here.
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The Lounge

General Chat

A place to talk about anything but politics. (some post moderation - please use good judgment here)
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Picture Post

Post pictures of your Mk1/Mk2 Supras here.
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Other Cars

A place to talk about Jettas, The Big 3, etc.
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Video Post

Mk1 - Mk2 Supra related videos only.
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List any/all Mk2 or Supra related meets here.
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Racing Chat

Real racing in a controlled environment - Autocross, Road Racing, Drag Racing. (not street racing)
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Kill Stories

Tell your stories here! (even if you lose...)
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The Toilet

For threads that suck
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Buyer / Seller Ratings

Talk about your buying & selling experiences with all members here. (individuals and vendors)
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eBAY Auctions / Craigslist Ads

Post up interesting Mk1/mk2 Supra eBAY auctions or CL ads here!
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Parts For Sale

MkI and MkII Supra Parts only!
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Group Buy Section

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Cars For Sale

MkI and MkII Supras For Sale
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please read rules inside before posting
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Vendor Deals

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take a bite out of the road! garrrrrrr!
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Approved Vendors

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  1. I have only one key for my newly purchased 1985. Had no idea how difficult it is to get an OEM key blank or at least an aftermarket. Seems like everything that fits the ignition has been discontinued. Can anyone help?!?! Thanks in advance!! Phil
  2. Located in the PNW. Blew the clutch and don't have the time or money to fix her. Car is a 1985 p type with an 89 7mgte swap. Contact me for more details. Not in perfect condition but not too bad either. Have all the parts for bumper and lower dash that aren't on in the pictures. Asking $3500...
  3. I haven't seen any news or pics.. Might be first set in the country. Had to be shipped direct from overseas. BC finally released a set specifically for the Supra. Part number C-169-BR
  4. Picture Post
    I have seen this done on a few other forums, so I thought it might be a good idea for this one. The purpose of this thread is so people can share a picture they have taken without creating an entire topic for one picture. Its limited to pictures that each user has personally taken. And one...
  5. I need this parking brake part that is inside the rear rotor. Picture below. The rusty 85 GT-S im bringing back to life was missing it on one side. Message me if you have one. I appreciate it.
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