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What's new on and the forum - special announcements
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Introduce Yourself

New to the forum? Say hello!
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Submit your comments and questions about and the forum here.
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Celica Supra of the Decade

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Frequently Asked Questions


For FAQ and very informative threads. OEM availability, discontinued parts etc.
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Tech Talk

Celica Supra Build Up / Restoration

Have an ongoing project? Post it here!
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General Tech Q&A

A place to ask any other types of Tech Questions. Includes electrical system issues.
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Engine / Intake / Exhaust

Q&A forum for engine repairs/modifications.
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Aftermarket Engine Management / Electronics

Standalone/piggyback computers, MAF conversion, ignition discussion.
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Q&A forum for drivetrain (transmission, shifter, diff etc.) questions.
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Brakes & Suspension

Q&A forum for brakes & suspension (shocks, sway bars, etc.) questions.
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Wheels and Tires

Talk about your wheel/tire setups here.
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Interior/ICE Forum

Talk about your interior and 'In Car Entertainment' (ICE)
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Restoration Talk

Talk about rust, body work, paint, metal, fabric etc.
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Mk1 Specific Discussion -1979-1981

This is for anything Mk1 related.
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Engine Swaps

5MGTE/6MGTE/7MGTE - turbo forum

Place to discuss M series turbo upgrades & engine swaps
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1JZ/2JZ - GE & GTE swaps

Place to discuss J series n/a & turbo upgrades and engine swaps
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1UZ-FE/other V8

Discuss the 1UZ or 'other' V8 engine swaps here.
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The Lounge

General Chat

A place to talk about anything but politics. (some post moderation - please use good judgment here)
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Picture Post

Post pictures of your Mk1/Mk2 Supras here.
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Other Cars

A place to talk about Jettas, The Big 3, etc.
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Video Post

Mk1 - Mk2 Supra related videos only.
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List any/all Mk2 or Supra related meets here.
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Racing Chat

Real racing in a controlled environment - Autocross, Road Racing, Drag Racing. (not street racing)
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Kill Stories

Tell your stories here! (even if you lose...)
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The Toilet

For threads that suck
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Buyer / Seller Ratings

Talk about your buying & selling experiences with all members here. (individuals and vendors)
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eBAY Auctions / Craigslist Ads

Post up interesting Mk1/mk2 Supra eBAY auctions or CL ads here!
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Parts For Sale

MkI and MkII Supra Parts only!
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Group Buy Section

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Cars For Sale

MkI and MkII Supras For Sale
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please read rules inside before posting
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Vendor Deals

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take a bite out of the road! garrrrrrr!
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Approved Vendors

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