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  1. Wheel Weight Database
  2. Addco Sway Bar Install
  3. The Big Brake Kit for the MK2
  4. Install: How to install new front struts/springs
  5. Tire Size Calculator
  6. Taking care of aftermarket wheels
  7. Transplanting 130mph speedometer - (kinda long)
  8. SAFC II Wiring writeup
  9. Brakes Upgrade FAQ
  10. An illustrated guide to changing and testing your starter
  11. parts websites
  12. R12 -> R134a Conversion - Harder than I thought.
  13. Aftermarket Wheel Picture Collaboration
  14. How to decypher your firewall data plate
  15. L-Type/P-Type engine differences
  16. Common Abreviations used on this web site.
  17. Original Colors
  18. The Restoration/Replacement Parts Suppliers List
  19. Rebuilt Steering Rack Review
  20. Door locks with minds of their own
  21. 82-83 Charge Light Mod / Fix
  22. The lowered mk2 front end CLUNK. The FINAL ANSWER.
  23. Power Steering Failure and Repair Clogged Filter
  24. DIY Paint and BodyWork info and links
  25. How Do I Repair the Driver's Side Lumbar Support?
  26. Toyota OEM Part Numbers for common parts
  27. 7MGTE TSRM - Any online version available?
  28. Wes's Ignition Upgrade
  29. AFM Mod
  30. Step by Step Instructions for 7MGTE Conversion (incl wiring)
  31. engine history
  32. Saggy storage nets
  33. 5 bolt hub swap for the MKII
  34. Dead horn problem -- haz-horn fuse is ok
  35. How do you post a pic in your replies?
  36. Clicking under the dash
  37. chart on the 7m, 1j, 2j swap
  38. Time for a new FAQ!!!
  39. "First Day" mods
  40. P-type and L-type; differences in years
  41. My R154 writeup with pics
  42. quarter window molding restoration: how to
  43. Did the mk4 W58 swap *pics*
  44. The "Official" Paint Code/Pictures Thread
  45. MK2 Electric Fan Install Article uploaded
  46. The "Official" Trim Code/Pictures Thread
  47. Bulb #'s and wattages for the MkII Supra
  48. BUYERS DIARY <--- great idea!
  49. hints on adjusting the window
  50. Cruise Control Light Bulb Alternative
  51. Differential removal and reinstallation
  52. How low Can I go?
  53. Rear Control Arm Bushing and Hardware part numbers
  54. Complete MK2 Supension Write UP
  55. How to make clear turn signals
  56. Deciphering the model codes for the 84/85 Japan CelicaXX
  57. Suicide Hose 16267-43010
  58. Toyota Service Repair Manuals from Toyota
  59. Proven High Output Alt Swap (80A & 100A) 85 6MGE
  60. Cam Tower Gasket Replacement
  61. How to read & pull your Check Engine Codes
  62. Another Cressida brake writeup
  63. Battery Testing and Diaognostics
  64. 2006 FAQ Overhaul thread
  65. Auto to Manual Swap FAQ
  66. window switch plate repair
  67. Fuel Tank Wont Fill
  68. Celica XX Info
  69. Tech Tips On Califonia Smog Reffing Your 7mgte Mkii
  70. Toyota Bulletin Oil Pump and Camshaft change
  71. MA61 with Amsoil Ea Air Filter - how to
  72. 1983 P-Type mudflap anomally? (MkII Mudflap differences)
  73. **Body Side Molding Availability**
  74. o2 sensor replacement options
  75. Lumbar Bulb Replacement for Dummies (with Pictures)
  76. Saggy Door Map Pocket Repair
  77. Hoses Thread (thats hosers to you Canucks...eh?)
  78. MK2 "vs" MK3 Turbo and Non turbo Radiators
  79. Current Exterior body trim and rubber availability
  80. helpfull tips and tricks!
  81. Deleted Parts Thread
  82. Wipers 101
  83. Driver Seat Back Chrome Trim Restoration
  84. R&R Speedo drive gear. 56k Warning!
  85. Differential Bearing Kits Info
  86. 1990 TRD Catalog .pdf
  87. North American wrecker search
  88. Toyota Twin-cam engines.
  89. Mk3 Supra 80 Amp Alternator Install
  90. 6MGE thread (JDM inside)
  91. Poly engine mounts from ENERGY SUPENSION #3.1108
  92. Celica Supra Mark II Sales Brochures