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: FS one of a kind 83' P-type from vancouver, BC, Canada

07-14-2008, 02:15 AM



plans arent working well, and this car is just stretching my budget. great car to drive though.. but i need something that i could get around with without working on it. loved every minute driving the car. a little attention on this car and it'll be perfect. the most important components on the car are basically done. just air care it and go! just hope somebody would take over this project. the car is completely driveable, no overheating and such. she catches a lot of attention out on the streets... being a colored in that shade of blue.. perhaps one of the cleanest Mark II Supras left in vancouver... this car is a great alternative to the 240SX or AE86...

- chassis: 205k
- car equipped with 3.73 rear end w/ LSD
- swapped in low mileage (90k) 5MGE motor from a 86' cressida (more compression, 160hp 161lb/ft stock), swapped in a used W58 5 speed from a celica of the same generation
- new clutch
- all gaskets and seals replaced during engine swap
- has street ported heads
- custom exhaust (larger than stock) with magnaflow muffler. currently running with test pipe (nice gurgle fron the inline 6, yet it doesnt sound ricey at all)
- all fluids topped up and flushed
- autogage racing tach with shift light
- almost new BFG T/A's 245/50R-14 90% tread left..
- shaved door handles, 84 front apron and bumper, custom dodge blue paint job done by previous owner.
- painted and cleaned oem rims
- alarm
- eibach springs, KYB shocks
- TRD chipped computer
- Nardi steering wheel
- power window, door, locks and sunroof all work and no leaks
- lots and lots of spare parts left (and complete set of wheels + tires and winter tires too.. spare top end and various other parts.. also an AP racing clutch)
- bills and receipts with car included
- car needs aircare.
- front bumper currently primered.. ready for paint

car is basically 90% complete.

see what you guys have to offer... no parting out though. would consider a reasonable offer at about 2500obo... (engine and tranny swap and other new parts to make her run is worth more than 3k.. and that's exlcluding how much i bought the car for.. T_T ) PM me or email me: [email protected]

Road Ripper
07-14-2008, 04:28 AM
I'm sure others will be curious, so I'll say it... "chipped computer"?? Last I knew, there is nothing that can be done with our ECU's themselves, unless you add a piggyback for fuel.

Definately an attention-getter! Would be a nice project for someone to finish up. Good luck with the sale!

07-14-2008, 11:50 AM
Back in the day, there was Techtom as an option for flashing our ECUs. Naturally, TRD would have had a tune for them.

07-16-2008, 12:49 AM
thanks you guys =)

well, i drove a stock and regular one and its not as fast. fuel cut on this car is non exsistant (able to rev to 7500 rpm and it still wont cut, so i backed off) so there is a something done to the com ( this car was a project race car afterall, at least two owners ago anyway, explains the racing clutch and couple missing pieces)

was told that com is trd chipped, and i do believe that, as the car's com tune is quite agressive (it feels so much faster than a stocker)

hope somebody takes this car and appreciates its beauty as much as i do (i need something 4wd.. and liveable everyday.. looking at local lancer evo 1's)