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: 82 L-Type for sale

07-25-2008, 10:48 PM
Location: Central KY (Lawrenceburg)

Miles: odo reads 144k, quit working around 2 years ago, honest guess about 165-170k

Paint/body: originally beige metallic, resprayed (maaco style) all white years ago. bumpers and trim still black. bumper paint faded off in spots. rust under hatch, under spare tire, lower left 1/4 panel, also many chips. left front has a small dent in the front tip of the fender, left part of the bumper is not quite straight. more significant damage on the right front. hard to explain, plan to get updated pics sunday. purely cosmetic however. the turn signal mount was damaged also, so its held in by clear tape... the door handles come out when you pull (common problem)

Wheel/tire: tires are new, not very many miles at all, will take pic of tread depth. 205/65/14 on stock l-type wheels. also available Hoosier A6's for autox on Ptype wheels. (subject to change)

Drivetrain: Manual transmission, no problems whatsoever. Clutch is relatively new (within last 2 years), Its a centerforce I. There is a clutch hydraulic fluid leak at the top of the pedal. The rear diff is quite noisy, but hasn't gave any problems. It did have a clunk when there was a quick change in torque, As in starting to move, taking foot off gas quickly. may have dissipated, or i tuned it out but i havent noticed it as of late. Its a 3.73 gear.

Interior: power sunroof/windows/locks all in good working order (driver pw just replaced). Ptype seats, pass in good condition, driver bolster seam tore and showing foam. no hatch carpet. hole in carpet by accel pedal, clutch fluid leak to the left of clutch pedal. the dash is good, small cracks at the corner of the defroster vents. originally out of an 83 p-type, previous owner of dash put a mkIV supra logo over the glove box. my installation wasn't very good, its secure, but the fit and finish isnt quite there, as if the 2 dashes warped differently over the years. pics will illustrate. Radio does not work, not even static. The Tail light fuse keeps going out, short somewhere i assume. (duh) havent looked. Gauges do not light up with headlights, could be a simple plug from when i switched the dash out. the tail light and dash light could be the same problem.

Suspension/brakes/steering: KYB GR-2 struts on all 4 corners (~25k), stock springs (as far as i could tell), stock brake calipers, rotors and pads changed at the same time as the struts. no leaks from the power steering.

Motor/underhood:stock original 5M with what appears to be a BHG, but unverified. (main reason for selling) cant hold coolant, much worse on highway. new alternator and heater hoses. also replaced hose from below thermostat which runs along the block. new airbox gasket. K+N filter. the exhaust: cat delete and no-name muffler. not all vaccuum lines there/hooked up. did not impact the car as far as i could tell, nothing vital.

Not a weekend project, but not a total scrap pile either (i think). Aside from the BHG, Its still a very drivable car. not going to win any beauty awards, but it will get you there.

I've been the main driver for the last 3 years and its my first car. Its honestly more than i ever could've wanted as a first car. 25 year old cars shouldnt be this much fun and this reliable. the last few months haven't been as reliable as i would like, but thats no fault of the supra.

all offers considered. looking around 1k obo. if thats too much im sure youll let me know haha.

07-25-2008, 11:57 PM
Got any photos you can post?

That will go a long way towards generating interest.

07-25-2008, 11:59 PM
Got any photos you can post?

That will go a long way towards generating interest.

not right now that are current sorry, but ill take some and add them up here sunday/monday.

07-28-2008, 11:52 AM
















07-28-2008, 07:49 PM
L-type seats will come with it. sun faded and i think a string is unthread but its not open or anything. i can take pics if wanted.

07-31-2008, 04:17 PM
any interest?