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: FS: 1983 P-Type Hardtop, Calgary, AB

08-05-2008, 02:37 PM
I bought this car at the end of April, if I recall correctly, because the original owner phoned me out of the blue and asked me if I wanted to buy it. (I'd tagged it with a note mentioning CS.com a year and a half back.) It was a good deal, and I couldn't really pass it up, with the condition it was in. For an Alberta car, it's got an exceptionally small amount of rust. In fact, there are three spots:

- Hatch (replaceable, not easy to repair in this case)
- Under gas filler door (surface, paint has flaked away. Wire brush and POR-15 + primer will do it.)
- Passenger rocker panel, just under the door (about the size of a dime, same procedure as above will cure it.)

The car has been undercoated extremely well, back in the day, and redone sometime since then.

Mechanically, the car is as sound as I've ever seen one of these things be. 168xxx kms on the car now (just over 100k miles, I bought it with 162xxx kms on it) and it runs extremely well. No funny noises, and it delivers smooth power all the way to redline. (Well, as much as these cars can with the head design they've got.) The AC clutch is a little bit noisy, and I think the system needs a recharge, but it's been converted to R134a, so you're good to go. Diff is quiet.

Suspension is all a couple years old, replaced with brand new Toyota stuff. (Shocks and struts.) Car handles well, it has been raced in Solo2 twice.

Glass is good, there's a couple chips in the windshield, one of which came from a sizable rock. It does not fall in the driver's field of vision.

The passenger side running light (194 bulb in the fog housing) is burned out.

Black exterior, Terra Cotta interior. Interior is in fantastic shape, you can still read the writing on almost all of the switches. Carpets are clean, dash is uncracked. Minor wear on the driver's side driver's seat bolster. I have a replacement that can go with it. Seat back could also use some work, but that's fairly minor stuff.

It is a hardtop, which is nice for you tall people.

Car has stock 14x7 P-type rims with 225/60R14 Michelin Pilot Sports. Decent tread left.

Paint has some rock chips here and there. With a polish, it will look very good other than that. The car has been driven, it's definitely not in 'showroom condition.'

Essentially, this car is a perfect candidate for a 7M-GTE swap with minor, minor bodywork. There's no weird wiring issues to fix, no hackjob mechanical fixes, and I have paperwork for the vehicle dating back to its original purchase. Where the condition of this car becomes MORE remarkable is when you realize it was originally purchased in Quebec. It's an eastern car with no rust, basically. It's lived out West here for the last ten years or so.

I am the second owner.

Price is $3500. I am reasonably firm on this, though there are some things I could throw in with it if you needed persuasion.

I do not have a sizable collection of photos of this car. However, I will go take some today. I will also entertain requests.