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12-21-2008, 12:01 AM
1985 celica supra p-type - $6000obo

i am selling this car because i have 2 supras now and its just not practical to have two of the same cars so i decided to sell this one because it is just to nice for my first car. It started out as a project in early 08 and it has come a long way. To start i replaced the motor with a good used one with 120k on it although the body has high km's on it theres no need to worry my brother is a mechanic and we went over every inch of this car and when we put the new motor in we added a new clutch header full exhaust cone filter removed the air conditioning and put a dual electric fan setup on it to replace the stock fan to free up some horsepower and the engine that is in this car is the 5mge 2.8 inline 6 cylider and it is mated up to a w58 5 speed transmition. we next moved on to the body and started out by fully repairing all of the rust with metal. there is no rust at all and there wasn't mutch to start out with. this car has a shaved antenna and trim and we also molded in the fender flares properly with fiber glass then after the finishing touches we put a brand new paint job on with 2 coats of sealer 2 coats of base and 2 coats of clear this is a beautiful example of what an early supra should be and it also has new brakes and comes with mags shown. leave me a message and i will get back to you immediately WILL TAKE TRADES FOR ANYTHING OF INTEREST
(wheels are enkei 92's) heres a link to the pics :

12-21-2008, 12:36 AM
"It's not practical to have two of the same cars?" What have you been smoking?

1. Easier troubleshooting - I know that part's OK because it works on my other car!
2. Drive one while you're waiting on parts you ordered for the other. That way you're never unable to drive a Supra.
3. Dang, I never could decide if I liked the white one more than the black one. may as well have both! Feel free to insert the colors of your choice in this one.
4. Use the one with the leather interior in the winter and the one with the cloth in the summer... Or vice versa if they don't both have functional AC
5. Gee, that officer is looking for the white one (with just cause) so I guess I'd better drive the black one to work today.
6. Why no Doris, I always drive a black Supra. You must have been mistaken. I am sure that wasn't me you saw with that other woman.
7. Oops. It's raining. I guess I'd better take the Supra with the good tires.
8. Snow!!! Guess I'll take the one with snow tires today.
9. Track day! I guess I'll take the Supra with the slicks...
10. WOW! That concert was loud last night. I'd better take the Supra with the better stereo today so I can hear the music again...
11. I just bought a neat 8-track tape at the Flea market. Guess I'll drive the Supra with the 8-track player. Really, you have an 8-track player?
12. Have one perfectly stock for the collector value and one maxed out at 45 PSI of boost that will rape a Corvette

There are a number of people on here with more than one of the same car. In some cases, they even have multiple cars of the same year. I'm sure others can add to this very short list of mine...

12-21-2008, 07:29 PM
to start there both black second one has a swap one is 5m so the troubleshooting does not count 3 i dont have my full license 4 i need to pay off the other supra 5 if your not going to buy it dont post up negative replys and 6 have a good day sir

12-21-2008, 09:09 PM
more pics and bigger pics would be a plus, esp. when your asking $6k. people want to see everything. host them up on a site like photobucket so they dont get shrunk too much.

12-22-2008, 01:56 PM
i want to get more pics but it has been snowing so for now thats what i got but ill try to get more up and the paint is only 4 weeks old

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01-06-2009, 12:58 AM
not even one question its or best offer its not firm this cars paint is new not a spec of rust will include enkeis and racing seats if you would like