Toyota CelicaSupra Forums - Rust check list

  • Rust check list

    These are old cars that generally rust when left to nature. They often rust from the inside out, since water can easily get into, and stay in the car. Be sure to check the following areas for rust:

    * lower quarter panels (inside and out)
    * rocker panels
    * underneath the front spoiler attachment
    * sunroof (inside and out)
    * rear suspension arms
    * windshield cowl (remove trim)
    * inside seams of doors
    * rear seatbelt area (remove rear seat, leaky sunroof or clogged drain lines typically cause this)
    * hatch (remove hatch trim to see if starting)
    * rear shock towers and wheel wells (remove trunk panels to look in all areas)
    * spare tire well
    * right quarter panel near gas door
    * rocker, body side mouldings