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Cool, whats the application?

I'll be sticking with my NSX rotors but just curious (god I hope I can get that conversion done this winter finally)
They are French cars again! Sorry America. Disc is 2mm thinner at 26mm, but fine with some anti squeal shims between piston and back face of pads. Brembo part number is 09.9935.11


Compatible vehicles are Citroen C4 picasso and Peugeot 207 / 307.
They are 4 stud discs (4 x 108mm) and a 66mm center bore, so exactly the same as the 305mm peugeot discs i was using.
They will pull the caliper in 1.5mm radially compared to the 305mm disc, and they sit 6mm more inboard than the flush 28mm tall - 305mm disc. So better for inside spoke clearance on 15" wheels.
The 305mm discs worked on some wheels, and rubbed on others.
It was too tight to be confident they'd work on all 15" wheels, But with these i can say that about 98% will clear. Probably