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    If anyone is interested in a little more background on Netflix watch "Shelby American" or "24 hour war". Both are from the same director and share some footage. The first focuses on Shelby's career and the Cobra, Daytona, GT40, the GT350 and quickly moves thru the rest. They mention the 2000GT for a minute or two. A lot of good interviews with people that worked there during that time. 24 hr war focuses on the Gt40 and Ferrari and shows both sides.

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    Cool, I will have to see that!

    Well saw F vs F. Its really good! And pleasantly, they got the details pretty good. Just keep in mind when you see it, the point in time from the first attempt at Lemans to big race at the end, 2 years and another loss at Lemans have actually passed. From the trailers, I was afraid they were going to condense the entire story into the period of a single year, which would have been far from the truth. It was on the 3rd attempt when they pull it off (so 3 years in), and god knows how many millions spent. The film sort of ignores the 2nd attempt, but it acknowledges a big chunk of time passed.

    Really good as a movie movie too though. Actually reminded me of Apollo 13 quite a big. A list actors, writing, directing budget etc. Not just a movie for car folk, though like I said they got that stuff right.
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