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    Rides, Many of us need new seat covers, any links would be appreciated and cloth choices, details??

    AND can the pleats be duplicated to match the pleats on the OEM leather fronts??
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    Quote Originally Posted by AJ View Post
    Rides, Many of us need new seat covers, any links would be appreciated and cloth choices, details??

    AND can the pleats be duplicated to match the pleats on the OEM leather fronts??
    Here is the link for MK2 seat covers I am not allowed to post a proper link because I am new here

    We only do seat covers in leather. We have three different choices for leathers, synthetic, genuine and full-grain. You can also ask for samples and we will send you samples of your color choice. Yes we can do pleats just like OEM, price remains same.

    We also have the same price for two tone seat covers. You can pick any color of leather/stitching and price remains same.

    If you have any more questions then please feel free to ask. You can also call 317-516-5962


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    They may do the pleated sections 'like' the oem leather seats, but I guarente they will not sew them the same as the original. They will do a single stitch for every pleat border, and the entire back section will be made from 1 piece. The OEM leather seats actually used individual sections for every single pleat with hidden stitches attaching each piece to its adjacent section, and apparently were sewed by very talented Taiwanese children because no other company has been able to replicate the original skin's construction faithfully without risking bankruptcy or charging 2x more.

    That's awesome that we have another option for leather skins again! I might be looking these guys up myself at some point, I could use another set now.

    Quote Originally Posted by Juka View Post
    The picture is of my brother's 82 Datsun 280zx. I gave him my old cloth seat covers from my Supra and he sent them to Ridies and they made him those covers. The change in the pattern was my brother's decision. He only wanted the front seats but Ridies should still have the old rear covers for anyone interested in the full set.
    They did a great job at a very good price.
    Didn't you have do your own skins originally? Why didn't he just get them from them? Or was this after those went away (which I thought last discussed on this forum, those patterns were being used by another company now)
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    Yes, that's who made my covers. The Group Buy had actually ended when I contacted them but they said they had the materials and were willing to make me a set at Group Buy prices. Those covers were the inspiration for my brother to get leather as well but by this time the shop had closed its doors. He looked around and found Ridies willing to make the leather covers - they just needed my old seat covers to copy.
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    What grade leather did you get? My seats need to be gone through and thoroughly cleaned and then reassembled.

    I'm debating whether to go leather or not......

    - Jim
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    Anyone get a set from Ridies yet? I just got samples in but their Maroon is not dark enough of a match to my SDR's interior. Bummer.

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