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    Did a bit of reading.
    Another easier method might be to use the 7.5" differential pinion crush sleeve.

    If someone has one lying around to measure the ID and OD and compare with that thread. (And overall length)

    I believe the overall length isn't much over the rear wheel bearing crush sleeve.
    Looks like 2.188" overall length (used) crush sleeve.
    PN: 41231-22010

    I don't have one lying around or I would measure it.
    Looks like it would only need to be crushed 0.020" more.

    From SilverMK2's measurements:
    Overall Length 55.05mm

    Small End 34.5 OD 30.5 ID
    Big End 39.45 OD 35.6 ID

    Max diameter around the bead 46.4

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    Yes, but most of us would tackle this ourselves.

    Quote Originally Posted by piratetip View Post
    Oh interesting.

    The rear wheel bearings set the preload with a crush sleeve.

    From that thread it looks like they figured out a 7.5" solid pinion spacer might work.

    Though I see no mention of the min OD that will still fit over the hub.
    Hard to say if a 30mm solid spacer will fit without modification over the hub.

    Even if you used a solid spacer when doing new rear wheel bearings I don't expect many shops willing to put in the time to install correctly.
    They would need to dissassemble and re-assemble at least a couple times to get the correct shim stack and measure preload.
    Setting up a solid spacer correctly is quite time consuming, but once you get is it good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by williamb82 View Post
    Yes, but most of us would tackle this ourselves.

    Ok I did save the MKII crush sleeve from the diff I just rebuilt, compared to 1 of the pile of MKIII pinion crush sleeves I have.

    Data, I like data. On to the measurements.
    I took the calipers to 2 of these differentials crush sleeves.

    MKII Differential Pinion Crush Sleeve: (used part)
    Overall Length: 54.90mm
    Bottom OD: 40.44mm
    Bottom ID: 37.23mm
    Bottom Wall Thickness: 1.59mm
    Top OD: 37.00mm
    Top ID: 33.72mm
    Top Wall Thickness: 1.67mm

    MKIII Differential Pinion Crush Sleeve: (used part)
    Overall Length: 47.29mm
    Bottom OD: 42.41mm
    Bottom ID: 38.11mm
    Bottom Wall Thickness: 2.15mm
    Top OD: 37.78mm
    Top ID: 32.84mm
    Top Wall Thickness: 2.35mm

    Now if we fill in some of the measurements that were taken on the MKII rear bearing crush sleeve:

    MKII Rear Wheel Bearing Crush Sleeve: (new part) ray85p measured
    Overall Length: 56.35mm
    Bottom OD: xxmm
    Bottom ID: xxmm
    Bottom Wall Thickness: xxmm
    Top OD: xxmm
    Top ID: xxmm
    Top Wall Thickness: xxmm

    Spacer Thickness: 0.6mm

    MKII Rear Wheel Bearing Crush Sleeve: (used part) SilverMk2 measured
    Overall Length: 55.05mm
    Bottom OD: 39.45mm
    Bottom ID: 35.60mm
    Bottom Wall Thickness: xxmm
    Top OD: 34.5mm
    Top ID: 30.5mm
    Top Wall Thickness: xxmm

    Spacer Thickness: xxmm

    So the new MKII wheel crush sleeve is measured at 56.35mm & used is 55.05mm.
    56.35-55.05=1.3mm crush to set bearing preload.

    Overall spacing between the inner bearing races should be used length + spacer thickness.
    55.05+0.60= 55.65mm
    That number gets us close to the optimal spacing between inner bearing races to set proper preload.

    The MKIII crush sleeve is clearly too short to be used for the rear bearing, just wanted it up for something else to compare to.
    If someone did try and use that MKIII part they would need to swap the 0.60mm spacer with a 7.80mm spacer.

    williamb82, you said in that other thread you had a used rear wheel crush sleeve you could measure as well?
    Can you verify measurements also?

    The calculations below are assuming the solid pinion spacer fits over the rear wheel hub shaft.
    Someone needs to measure a part they have on hand to see what the 2 OD measurements are.
    Fill in this information:
    __________________________________________________ ______
    MKII Rear Wheel Hub Shaft:
    OD Large: xx??mm (where the bottom crush sleeve would sit)
    OD Small: xx??mm (where the top crush sleeve would sit)
    __________________________________________________ ______

    Someone needs to verify it will fit first before using the calculations below.

    So all that said you are probably asking whats the solution?

    The solid pinion spacer that is available for the 7.5" diff will likely work for the rear wheel bearings.
    The overall length of it is 54.50mm, so with the correct shim stack it will easily reach the 55.05mm target length. (assuming also reusing the stock 0.60mm spacer)

    Based on the piles of solid pinion setups I have performed this is my best starting point guess for someone to try:
    Use the 54.50mm solid MKII diff spacer + stock 0.60 spacer + a shim stack of 0.552mm -> to 0.702mm.
    Or to simplify 54.50mm spacer + 1.152mm -> to 1.302mm in total for a shim stack.

    Some experimentation and measurement of preload with and in/lb wrench will be needed of course to verify this.

    Of course as mentioned in the other thread the 7.5" diff crush sleeve should also work in its place.

    html image host

    I will repost this to the other thread so the information is available there as well.

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    Has anyone had luck reaching Spence at Weir? I called and sent an email more than 2 weeks ago with no response.

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    I'm going through the set up on my 1/8th scale 4 WD R/C truck. I had this one apart 6 times for the ring rear and the pinion depths.
    NO crush sleeve.
    .2 mm shims involved.
    <a href=""><img src="" title="source:" /></a>
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    Quote Originally Posted by ddd228 View Post
    I'm going through the set up on my 1/8th scale 4 WD R/C truck. I had this one apart 6 times for the ring rear and the pinion depths.
    NO crush sleeve.
    .2 mm shims involved.
    <a href=""><img src="" title="source:" /></a>
    Ah so you are getting a feel for how many times I have to take apart these diff's to get the settings just right

    0.20 mm / 0.007" shims is are not small enough increments IMO to properly setup anything.

    I have to work in increments of 0.002 - 0.001" or 0.05 - 0.02 mm when I approach the final steps to set up diff's.

    I had an RC nitro car waaaay back, but my parts were nothing like what you are showing.
    That is once nice looking billet aluminum housing there.
    What type of engine/motor does it use?

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    This one is MUCH easier to set up,sitting in my chair and drinking beers,listening to the Scorpions on Pandora! I made a jig to hold it.

    The cases are split vertically! The ring slides from the end,instead of horizontally.
    .2 mm shims are what I have to use and it takes a LOT of time. I did the ring gear end play first and go onto the pinion depth. You see in the photo,I have a way to go!
    It's a diff out of a Kyosho 1/8th scale buggy,but the cases are all CNC machined to fit my E Maxx.

    The LSD part is inside the plastic diff case and has 4 pinion gears that is filled with 10,000 weight silicone to do the "posi" action. It's a 4 WD truck,so the diffs have different weight silicone fluid. 5K in the rear.
    This my FIRST time setting up a gear differential! My other trucks have ball diffs.

    I was a suspension guy,not a drive train guy.
    These were set up tight,because they will loosen up and then I'll need to change the diff fluid again after 10 hours of "play".
    My Maxx is custom with 5S power and and a 1515 Neu motor @ 1650 KV.
    It wheelies on one rear tire.

    It's pretty fast>
    <a href=""><img src="" title="source:" /></a>
    <a href=""><img src="" title="source:" /></a>

    If it wasn't fun,I wouldn't spend this much money on a TOY.
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    Wow that is nice.
    Super torquey to throw the whole chassis around like that.

    Try links like this:

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    Thanks. I'm still learning HOW to post links.
    My 5 forums are different as to what link to choose.
    BB code makes the images take up WAY too much space.
    There was sound with that video at one time.
    Dave in Seattle. I keep LATE hours.Hidden Content
    '84 type "L" ,Auto ,daily driver. Dk blue.

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    hey Guys, just wanted to let you know that the diff that is in this thread is mine! I had contacted piratetip after seeing some info on his diff rebuilds on the mk3. He is a great guy to deal with and has tons of knowledge. He has been in constant contact with me throughout the rebuild process. Im still waiting for my diff to arrive. should be here in a few days. it was held up due to bad weather. I cant wait to get it back. I had also tried contacting Weir performance in the past to buy the solid spacer and maxgrip kit but I NEVER heard back from Spence. I also called and left a few messages without any call back. I had to go through a forum member on here that was local to weir performance to go in person and pick the parts up for me. not sure what thats all about but im glad I was able to get those parts and also find piratetip to do the rebuild. Big thank you to piratetip!

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