Digital dash leds not working

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    Digital dash leds not working

    Everything in the digital dash is working except the rev counter, speedometer, fuel and temp displays. The back light is working I can see it changing in intensity when I turn the rheostat knob but not the actual led lights. Can somebody please help me with this issue

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    If you know how to read schematics, download the Electronic Wiring Diagram from the link in my signature.
    It seems your digi cluster is not receiving power from it's power source.
    Be carefull, there is some info for the analog cluster, and some for the digital.
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    Thanks, I have followed the troubleshooting guide in the repair manual and i measured 10v to the instrument in the main socket (pin 8&16). So it seams that it gets power but still the leds don’t light up, I was hoping somebody else on the forum has had the same problem and knew how to fix it. Instead of having to replace the entire instrument like suggested in the repair manual.
    I forgot to mention that a while ago that the leds came on for some time and then just suddenly stopped working and did this a couple of times.

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    I have never opened my cluster (evenso since it's analogue..) but I have repaired hairline cracks in many other circuit boards, including the cluster PCB in my Audi.
    Also, regulators (often in TO220 packages: www .interfacebus .com/TO-220-package-7809-mounted-voltage-regulator.jpg) have a tendency to develop dry solderings, so check all through-hole pins for cracks and gray solder points. It's pretty easy to spot if you have good eyesight or some magnifiying device, but it won't hurt to re-solder most of the 'heavy' components.

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