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    Finally got it thanks.

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    Quick update guys. It's so hard to find original parts. So. decide to rebuilding and protect mine.


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    That rear coilover setup.... I wonder if it will it work on a Supra? I had a setup like that on my MK4 Jetta. Raceland brand. Coil in OEM spot on an adjustable sleeve and use the rear Focus AGXs. Hmmm....Racelands for the Jetta are still under $200.

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    Thats kinda Racelands thing... being cheap. Never seen a set in person though.

    As for coilvers in place of the shock, it technically works, but I would not do it without rigging up a very well reinforced rear shock tower brace, or welding in some bars to the tower mounts. The metal that the shocks attach to on top is not tied into the rear frame rails very well at all, it will flex hardcore if you spring the rear end of the car off it. T3 sells a rear coil over set for our cars specifically btw.
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