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    Mustang kill

    Just recently bought an 82 A60 and have been looking for a bit of a fight.
    Lucky me, last night at a red light a 2000s mustang with a terrible body kit pulls up beside me.
    Knowing I can't go much over 3200 rpm, (Wierd issue when warm), I thought I would take him on
    Being new to the car, my start was sloppy, to many revs, but slowly started to catch him shifting right when the car looses power.
    Any way bang shift it into second, spin again, but now I'm on his bumper, into third this time lifting for it, and slowly start passing him, next lights turn red, and now it's a brave contest, who will lift first, by this time we are travelling at speed, and he lifts, I go into 4th, again the 3000rpm problem limiter, soon after 4th I'm deeper i to the peddle almost ontop of those lights, I know there going to go green, well really hoping anyway, lucky enough just as Im about shifting into 5th again 3000 limiter, I'm about 20 ft from the stop line and sure as hell it changes green. Now I'm onto the breaks, and slowing down for the 3rd light it's red. He pulled up, said your ducking crazy, I looked over and put my sunglasses on, yes it's night. But I had bought a pair of the most 80s sunglasses I could find.
    Didnt say a word and turned right trying like hell to keep a strait face. I'm 32 way to old to be playing like that, he looked to be 20 or so. My gf was mad at first, I don't mean a little either, but when I put the sunglasses on she couldn't stop laughing.
    Moral of the story...... If your in trouble, silently put on sunglasses it appears to work.

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    I like it, I have slayed a few 350 and 370Z cars; feels good!

    That 3K RPM limit of yours; sounds like a fuel issue or a AFM issue; you should have a read on the forum regarding that; best of luck man.

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    Thanks will do. It only does it when it's been run for 20 minutes or so. Tried the afm, new fuel pump.

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