Can you upgrade the Instrument Cluster? [MK2]

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    Can you upgrade the Instrument Cluster? [MK2]

    Hey, I was wondering if it would be possible to upgrade a normal MK2 gauge cluster to a fancy stock digital one and I'm replacing the bulbs soon on my original one. I really like how the digital cluster looks compared to the normal one. Has anyone ever swapped before, and if so, does the digital fit into the normal dash's space? Is it compatible with the car?

    Here's the cluster I'd like to upgrade to:

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    It's been done before, and I believe documented here.

    IIRC, some of the sensors are different, but I don't know about wiring changes.

    Your best bet would be to find a donor car and strip *everything* (cluster, sensors, both wiring harnesses) and transfer it to your car.

    Ans for heaven's sake, KEEP all the things you take out of the car as you update it. If you don't want to change it back, there will be people looking for clusters!

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    Well, that has been asked many times.
    The answer is yes, but with so much work that most don't even try. Oil sender, fuel sender are differents, but that is the easy part. The major issue is the harness: engine, rear, inside firewall... either also needs to be replaced, or rewired. All plugs of the two types of clusters are different too...

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    The best solution is to get a second Supra that has a digital dash!

    I have an analog dash in my 83 and my wife has a digital dash in her 84.

    I love the look of the digital dash. It is absolutely perfect for that 80s look, but truth be told, the analog gauges work better.
    The digital tachometer does not have enough resolution to see idle speed variations and the digital speedometer always has some jitter at certain speeds where the cable resonates.

    If you only have one car, the analog gauge is probably a better idea.
    Or be prepared to to suffer MSS - Multiple Supra Syndrome!

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