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I'm just gonna say that last year the delays were huge, so don't buy expecting fast turnaround. They may be faster this year, who knows. They still took care of me in the end of course, great company to deal with.
Same here, they actually used my strut casings for someone else and used someone else's casings for my coilovers.
I had to contact them with proof I sent them in as well. When I asked for status they said "we're waiting on you to ship your casings". I brought up an old email showing they had received them. That's when they said "oh we used yours already, but we'll have another set in soon which we can use for your coilovers." Luckily the spindle on the other set seems to be in just in good of shape so I think overall no harm done. Not like my car is rolling for a while anyway.

I think in the big crunch they had to hire a bunch of temps and didn't properly vet the new hires. Their email contact system is also a mess, I was in touch with 3-4 different email addresses.