Whiteline Swaybars - Back on the Raptor Racing Website

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    Whiteline Swaybars - Back on the Raptor Racing Website

    Hey guys;

    fortunately we have a very influential person in this community who works at a very large distributor who as able to convince Whiteline to get them access to their bars again. They are already on their way to the US and they have our name on them, initial reports say we have 7 fronts and 5 years incoming.

    Till December 19th there will be free shipping on these, after that shipping rates apply. If you're Canadian PLEASE email (do NOT PM) me as I will probably grab 1 or 2 sets to stock up here.

    Details and pricing can be found here.
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    CelicaSupra.com Member
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    Hey George

    We can order these now to reserve and then they'll be shipped when they're in stock? For the US with free shipping?

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    100% correct!!

    We sold out of the batch that is on the way but we've already placed an order for more bars as we weren't expecting to sell this many this fast.

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    This makes me happy to see.
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    These are selling like HOTCAKES now, so much so that we've had to order another batch. Thanks to all who have purchased!!

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    CelicaSupra.com Member Don L.'s Avatar
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    Just got my front bar today! Looks great and was very impressed with the packaging and hardware! I never get tired of opening up boxes of new car parts! Thanks George!


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    Can't thank you guys enough for your patience as I do realize this took a LOT longer than I hoped. Not everyone has got theirs yet but everyone should shortly, my Canadian brethren should be expecting theirs by the end of the month.

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