WHY does my 5-MGE RATTLE on start up? Valve clearance?Oil pressure? - Page 4

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    First time I've seen a picture under the hood, Dave.

    VERY nice!

    1985 5-speed "Ms. Swan"

    OH, What A Feeling!

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    Not really,Alabama dude! I can't keep my hands out of there!
    All kinds of stuff going on,there.
    Make it better,I say.
    Dave in Seattle. I keep LATE hours.Hidden Content
    '84 type "L" ,Auto ,daily driver. Dk blue.

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    Seems all you did was make improvements.

    Thumbs up!

    Edit: "Alabama dude" works. These c*nts and con-artists call me all sorts of things, haha!

    Ten year veteran with time in Iraq turns it into a good routine to wake up to, and the attempts only come from those with dreams, not experience. I absolutely love it.
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    Jeffrey Rainwater
    Hidden Content Originally Posted by Corey Larkins Hidden Content
    My first wife left me because I like to behave like a dog... Jeff also has the best parts on his Supra. I wish I could afford at least half that kind of stuff, but I never will.

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    Dave's interior is pretty mint too. Car is pretty fun to drive for an auto with all the switches and weird stuff he has going on in there. Feels like missile command
    Hidden Content 86 parts car maybe some day race car? 3x cars, 36x brake caliper pistons.
    "You need to update your signature Gamble" - Dave

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